Aug 13 2017

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Keychain Remote

Master Keychain Remote

Motion Sensor

Nest Learning Thermostat

Entry Sensors

Easy to install on every type of door or window

The magnet goes on the door or window, and the sensor goes on the
frame (or vice versa). Magnet can be placed up to 2 inches from the
sensor, so sensors fit on all types of doors and windows. SimpliSafe
sensors come with the battery pre-installed and adhesive tape
pre-applied, making installation a snap.

Door Chime

When your system is OFF and a door or window opens, the
Base Station will sound a door-chime so you’ll know if
someone is entering.

How does it work?

The sensor detects whenever the magnet moves more than
two inches away from it- so it knows whenever the door or
window opens.

Our competitor’s model sells for $34.00. Ours is $14.99. How do we
sell the highest quality sensors at half the price? No middlemen.

The Base Station

(the brains of your system)

The base is Plug-and-Play: Plug it in and it will locate
and control all of your sensors, making SimpliSafe
the easiest security system in the world to install.

It’s also responsible for sending all your alarm signals
to our 24/7 alarm monitoring center. Your Base Station
will arrive equipped with the same cellular technology
that’s in your cellphone: Inside there is a SIM card that
gets activated when you subscribe to our alarm
monitoring service. If you’re subscribed to our
Interactive Monitoring Plan, it will also send you SMS
text Smart Alerts & Secret Alerts.

Built-in 85 Decibel Siren

Voice Prompts guide you
through installation.

Cellular Technology: No
Phoneline needed for 24/7 alarm
monitoring! However, if you want
redundancy, you can also plug in
your phoneline or use an internet

41 Sensor Capacity: Get all the
sensors you need to protect any
home, large or small.

Backup Battery lasts up to 24 hours
during a power outage. Base Station
will recharge them once the power
is restored to your home.

105dB Extra Siren

Panic Button

Water Sensors

Freeze Sensors

Glassbreak Sensor

Smoke Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

“All the bells and
whistles for a lot
less money.”

Protect Your Whole House in Under an Hour

One word of Caution: Your spouse may laugh at you when you say, “I’m going to do this myself.” But watch this 5-minute video to see how you can both laugh all the way to the bank with the savings you’ll earn by installing a SimpliSafe home security system.

Feel the secret thrill of doing what others thought was impossible—and telling your neighbors “I did this myself” (while secretly chuckling about how easy it was).

SimpliSafe is wireless and installs in under an hour. Our system arrives pre–programmed to work instantly. No wires, no strangers drilling holes in your walls. Do it yourself to save hundreds on installation and thousands with no-annual-contract alarm monitoring plans.

24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring

For less than 50 cents per day, you’ll have a team of professional
operators ensuring the safety of your home round-the-clock.
Subscribe and your system will transmit your alarm signals to us.
We’ll call you to ensure you are safe, and then send the police. We
have two plans to choose from.

No Annual Contract · No phoneline needed
Cancel anytime · CSAA Best Monitoring

Take command of your alarm system
right from your Smartphone:

Arm Disarm instantly with the push of a button

Use the Event Log to check when children arrive home from
school – see when the alarm was armed disarmed by your
child’s personal PIN.

Monitor your home temperatures while on vacation to prevent
frozen pipes and expensive damage

See the status of Burglar, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, and Flood
alarms whenever you want

Free App available for iPhone and Android
Smartphones Only Available with interactive alarm
monitoring plan.

Use this interactive model to see all the
ways that SimpliSafe protects your home

System Controls

You can arm and disarm your security system from anywhere
in the world including your office, gym or from a boat in Bali—our
system is equipped with powerful cellular technology that allows
you to use your smartphone to check your home from
anywhere in the world.

Home Security

SimpliSafe blankets your home in an invisible yet powerful
shield—you’ll sleep like a baby kangaroo tucked safely
in it’s mama’s pocket. You’ll be dreaming of the exotic places
you’ll get to explore with the thousands of dollars you saved
protecting your home, while your neighbors keep paying through
the nose for fewer features, because they signed a contract with
another alarm company.

Fire Environment

Everyone knows that burglars are not the only danger to your
home fires, Carbon Monoxide leaks are just a few of the things
that keep homeowners up at night—with SimpliSafe you can get
sensors that will alert you and emergency responders to protect
the lives of your loved ones. SimpliSafe also shields your home
from nasty mold infestations, water leaks and costly busted
plumbing from freezing temperatures.

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