Nov 14 2017

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Upper East Side Apartments

We pride ourselves on the fact that we only specialize in this neighborhood. Below you can find a few of our featured properties for sale. If you are interested in searching all apartments for sale in Manhattan please click the “for sale” button in the menu bar. If you are looking for rentals please click the “for rent” button in the menu bar.

Upper East Side Apartment Buildings

We have written about numerous condos and coops within this neighborhood and we plan on writing about all of them by 2014. If you are interested in Upper East Side condos only you can use the search criteria to find the right buildings. Please note that most of the Upper East Side is Coop apartments and we provide the same feature for these types of apartments.

Upper East Side Blog

Our weekly blog sometimes turns into a daily blog. We try to keep you up to date on the latest apartments to hit the market, recent closings, where celebrities have moved and more importantly we publish guides to make your apartment hunt easier.

About Us

Try calling us and asking us to give you advice on the Upper West Side or another neighborhood in Manhattan we’ll tell you “we can’t help you” and put you in touch with that neighborhood specialist. We pride ourselves in hyper-specializing on Upper East Side Apartments and there is no one else that knows the area better than us.

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