Oct 10 2017

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CoverMe Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Almost as important as the ticket.

Planning on visiting Canada? Expecting family or friends from outside of the country? People who aren’t Canadian residents are not covered by provincial health insurance plans. That means visitors could end up facing significant out-of-pocket expenses if an illness or accident occurs while they’re here.

Are you or is someone you know applying for a Parent or Grandparent Super Visa? One of the key Super Visa requirements is proof that you have obtained private medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company. i

Thankfully, CoverMe Travel insurance for Visitors to Canada offers a convenient, flexible and affordable way to protect against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies. Coverage can be purchased prior to or upon arrival in Canada and is also available for side trips outside Canada, as well as optional coverage for trip interruption.

And, the CoverMe Travel for Visitors to Canada Single-Trip plan meets Super Visa insurance requirements. i

This travel insurance is also a smart solution for people who are in Canada on a work visa, Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a government health insurance plan and those who are awaiting government health insurance plan coverage.

Key Benefits

In addition to protecting travellers from emergency medical care cost such as physician services, hospital stays, diagnostic tests and prescription drugs CoverMe Travel insurance for Visitors to Canada also offers coverage for side trips outside Canada, childcare expenses in the event of a hospitalization, trip breaks and more, as well as optional Trip Interruption coverage.

Who Can Apply

CoverMe Travel insurance for Visitors to Canada offers comprehensive coverage to protect against many unexpected expenses. In order to be eligible for coverage visitors must meet certain requirements.

What’s Covered

A quick overview of the comprehensive emergency travel medical and non-medical expense coverage that is available when visitors to Canada choose CoverMe Travel insurance.

Single-Trip Plans

CoverMe Travel insurance offers visitors to Canada and those applying for a Super Visa a variety of Single-Trip plans including Emergency Medical, Travel Accident, Optional Trip Interruption, for Single Coverage and Family Coverage so they can make the choice that’s best for them.

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Compare Plans

Our comparison table lets visitors view side-by-side details of the benefits and features offered by each plan, so they can decide which one best meets their travel insurance needs.

Premiums and Savings

Visitors can use these handy rate charts to quickly estimate what their premiums will be and how special savings and deductible options can lower the cost of their coverage even more.

Important Reminders

Visitors to Canada who have purchased a CoverMe Travel insurance plan should review these important reminders.

Exclusions and Limitations

It is important that visitors read the policy, paying particular attention to “pre-existing condition”, and other exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions that apply to their coverage.

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