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Get Rid of Pigeons

Even if you like birds and other animals, no one likes a pigeon (or its entire family!) hanging around your home. The problems are obvious, such as constantly leaving pigeon messes, making loud cooing sounds and in general, leaving droppings around that can actually spread disease. Hearing them sitting above you on your roof is very annoying! So, how you do you get rid of pigeons on your roof or anywhere around your place, you ask? Well, you re not alone and we ll assume, you haven t come to the point of buying a gun or a sling-shot to solve your pigeon problem (this is illegal in case you didn t know!). There are definitely easier and more humane ways to rid pigeons from around your living space and on top of your house or building.

Getting rid of your pesky pigeons

As you ve probably figured out, pigeons like to nest and sit in particular kinds of places on your house, such as on your roof or under eaves. You ve probably noticed these guys sitting around your balcony, deck, patio or yard. You may also find them on your window ledges or roof lines, hanging out (and leaving their evidence) around dormers and chimneys.

Aside from thinking your home is like their home in the wilderness (with small caves and protective perches), you need to find out if there are other reasons for these flying friends to be around so much. Make sure any pet food or garbage is out of site and smell, and or unreachable by these hungry birds. If you live in a densely populated city, removing pigeons by trying to putting away food and trash may be a challenge they love to go where there is free food, of course.

The most effective and best way to rid pigeons is to block them or remove the areas where they roost. First, see where they are sitting. If possible place blocks or small pieces of wood in or in front of these areas. You can paint the wood the same color as your house or trim to make it look better. Block vent openings, lofts and eaves. Another option is to place broken glass or brick pieces directly on the surfaces where pigeons land and gather. Whatever you do, you need something solid. Don t use cloth or nylon netting. Pigeons have no problem getting this kind of material out of their way! If you want to screen them out, pick up some wire mesh or chicken wire that can easily be cut and form-fitted into the small opening you re blocking. Be sure to fasten this material down with screws or nails.

If they are sitting along your roof line at the edge, the best method to rid them here is to run a wire a few inches above this area. This may be difficult to place and secure, but it would do the trick in blocking and ridding pigeons from along the roof s edge. In addition, you can lay out some porcupine wire , the kind with small metal spikes. This stuff can easily attach to edges and other surfaces of your house without looking too bad. It can last a long time (e.g. no rust in the elements) and can 100% keep pigeons out.

If you have pigeons on the ground, in your yard or garden, decide if it s reasonable to install chicken-wire or dark netting to block them. If this is unsightly, then it doesn t hurt to try an old standard. Place a large replica of an owl or other predators, such as plastic snake or black crow. Again, if this is not something you wish to decorate your yard with you may be forced to a removal strategy based on a day-by-day basis until they leave. One such tactic is to create loud noises or spray them with a hose each time they arrive, or if they begin to settle in for a nap. Like humans, pigeons will soon realize that your yard or garden is not a fun place to camp out, and they will leave.

How long do pigeons live

A scary remedy (that s for the birds)

One other method frustrated people have used to get deter pigeon presence is installing an electronic bird repeller. These nifty devices emit annoying sounds that humans are unable to detect and hear in most cases. They make these machines for all sorts of animals, but have one in particular just for birds. It seems to work well on pigeons. Set off by motion, the noise emitted sonically and ultra-sonically essentially scare the culprits away. This is akin to using the hose or loud noise to frighten them, and eventually they will not want to come back.

The sound is adjustable to get things just right. Start with a lower setting for pigeons and then adjust as necessary. The product comes with a long cord (50 ft.) or can be operated with batteries. It can also be mounted so you can get it just in the right position. It s not a bad price for the problem it can solve; it s probably the solution that requires the least amount of work on your part and is also the most humane since there are no chemicals or traps involved. Since it works so well to get rid of your pigeon problem, it may also make all other birds stop coming around as well. That may not be such a bad thing though!

Getting rid of pigeons can be done. Just make observations about where they go, and then use your creativity to block them from these places or create disturbances that force them to vacate. You re sure to enjoy your home and surroundings much better after you some peace and quite and much less mess on your hands. Hey, you can always go enjoy them in the park!


Are there any sensor type fake animal or object that I can put on ground that when they come around the sensor would go off and create a scare tactic to keep them away? All those tricks you mentioned work for a short while until they catch on. I do like the broken glass and chicken wire idea though

Like most birds, pigeons can carry fleas, ticks, or mites. It has been argued that they also carry diseases which can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with either the birds or their feces but these reports seem to be largely unsubstantiated. Their droppings however can damage the paint on your car or the finish on a building, and their highly-flammable nesting materials can clog up drains and vents.

Health Canada claims the same lung disease caused by bat feces is caused by pigeon feces.

Also the feces acid can eat away at stone and concrete.


I have a bird feeder that takes care of a wide range of wild birds, which I enjoy watching over. If I use a fake owl, will it scare these birds away too? I do not like pigeons dominating the bird feeder.

Pigeons are a serious problem as they breed rapidly and have been known to carry harmful diseases. Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of pigeons. repellents include anti-roosting spikes and scarecrows. These scarecrows can take the form of owls,snakes,cats or even people. However, to be effective, these scarecrows need to appear alive. Chemical pigeon repellents can also be use.

Nice article.pigeon control may seem a bit difficult at first, but it is fairly simple. One of the effective way to get rid of pigeons is to install metal spikes or wires.Pigeon spikes are easily installed using glue,screws.

There are many ways but the best is to use methods to scare them away.Sonic bird repeller is mostly used to scare pigeons and pest birds from areas where pigeons control is needed.

im experimenting with a small heliium filled balloon attached to the 3rd floor window.

its working for the most part.

i came home and saw a pigeon on the far end of the roof but it took off when the wind blew the baloon up in the air again.

Laser pointers work great. They blind them and they just sit there while you shine it in their eyes. Once scared off and forced to fly they fly right into the ground and become part of the food chain for a cat or other animal. Got rid of over a dozen so far that fly into the neighborhood because of morons with bird feeders. Inexpensive and works great. Works in daytime.

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