Jan 11 2017

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bonjour tout le monde! hopefully your monday afternoon is winding down. it s almost 5 i m watching the sun s bright rays soften and the sounds outside my window quietly fade. so much has been happening that it s been tricky to get here. a combination of too much to process and not enough time. but no time like the present, n cest pas. Oh man i just realized i have a call in 3 minutes so want to get this up toute de suite!

real quick i m heading with a colleague, jeanette of Antiquers to France, on a trip to central france in october. and you re invited! the trip included airfare from nyc, lodging and the antique tour (also some other fun stuff, like cooking, wine and a big van to get around, a night or two in paris and more! contact me if you re interested. this is the gist:

more to come! there s my call have a great night! xxoo

bonjour mid august! hard to believe it s here already. i got sidetracked today somewhere between research and not being able to concentrate on work, i ended up spending the last half hour in a deep but lovely rabbit hole. it started with merely wanting to say hello with a summer illustrations but it s so easy to get lost isn t it? well anyway this is a little collection of french fun that spans the 1920s and 30s covers and interior works of the french magazine, la vie parisienne. i hope it s a petite distraction and a chance to remember why we love and admire the french this time of year: the women, the humor, the timeless style and joie de vie.

not to mention l art presque perdu de ne rien faire ( the almost lost art of doing nothing)

contentment avec amis

pique-niquer et l amour

le vent soufflait

la messagere de l ete

concert de coquillage

et la soirée. ok it s official. i have got to get back to work. enjoy your summer day!

allo! how s your wednesday going?

i m taking a tech break to go through some images before getting back to working on an excel sheet.

i never get tired of poring over these engravings from the past and thought i d share them with you today. i hope you get a kick out of them.

not sure what it was about the summer of 77 the summer of 1777 that is

i think we romanticize 18th century life, the delicate clothing, detail and traditions

but what never ceases to amaze me is the imagination that this generation had, how they made it up as they went along and seemed to have, in a very dark time, found a way to enjoy life by being playful with their appearance, and in today s case, specifically, their hair.

lord knows what i would do without my curling iron, i d be a hot mess pretty much every single day.

thank god for the patience of hairdressers.

anyway at a point it becomes hard to tell if these women were really spending this much time on their hair or these are exaggerations.

when i go to the salon it takes awhile even in this day and age.

how were they achieving these great heights?

as a jersey girl maybe i m particularly fascinated

and in jersey we laugh at ourselves.

so finding the satire engravings was the piece de resistance on this little image adventure.

even the men weren t immune to either the trends or being targets to parody the style

young and old, they were all on the big hair bandwagon.

well i gotta run, hope you enjoyed this little diversion. have a bonne journee!


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