Sep 13 2017

NAIC Meetings, Calls & Events, insurerance.#Insurerance

# Events Fall National Meeting Tentative Agenda Available Summer National Meeting Draft meeting minutes are now availavle Summer National Meeting Completed: Post-Meeting Materials Will Be Available Aug. 23, 2017 Chorus Call Dial-in Numbers Chorus Call Registration – Interested Parties (IP’s) must register for an IP code to participate in calls. Regulators Credentialed Media: 877-270-2148 Interested Parties: 412-902-6510 Use link in calendar listing to register for Diamond Pass Calls Regulators Credentialed Media: 866-332-4905 Interested Parties: 412-317-6715 Regulators Credentialed Media: 800-882-3610 Interested Parties: 412-380-2000 CALENDAR CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for a thought-provoking educational forum presented by Stanford University and the NAIC. Registration …