Sep 17 2017

Personality Disorders & Personality Traits, example of personality disorder.#Example #of #personality #disorder

# example of personality disorder Personality disorders form a class of mental disorders that are characterized by long-lasting, rigid patterns of thought and behavior. Because of the inflexibility and pervasiveness of these patterns, they can cause serious problems and issues in a person’s life if they are diagnosed with a personality disorder. Personality disorders are categorized by clusters of characteristics that share common themes or elements. While most people recognize traits of themselves in many different personality disorders, a person who qualifies for a personality disorder diagnosis will exhibit most such traits of a disorder. Personality disorders are seen by …

Aug 5 2017

Spark Streaming with Kafka – HBase Example – Hadoop by Passion, Big Data for Love! #hbase #example

# Spark Streaming with Kafka HBase Example Even a simple example using Spark Streaming doesn’t quite feel complete without the use of Kafka as the message hub. More and more use cases rely on Kafka for message transportation. By taking a simple streaming example (Spark Streaming – A Simple Example source at GitHub ) together with a fictive word count use case this post describes the different ways to add Kafka to a Spark Streaming application. Additionally this posts describes the possibility to write out results to HBase from Spark directly using the TableOutputFormat. Kafka as DStream For data collection …