Dec 24 2016

Studios and penthouse apartments – Pattaya Apartments Thailand #syracuse #apartments

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Argyle Pattaya Apartments

Pattaya Apartments

Pattaya property Argyle Pattaya apartments are located at the top of the Big Buddha or Pratamnak Hill offering studios, one and two-bedroom apartments and two and three-bedroom apartment penthouses provide a good view of the sea as well as the towns of Jomtien and Pattaya. It is in the middle of popular tourist destinations and Pattaya nightlife, near the Pattaya beach, temples and the Big Buddha statue, each apartment has free cable TV/DVD with wireless internet connection and a large Olympic Style Salt Water Pool which is the best private swimming pool in Pattaya “bar non” just another reason why you should choose to stay at Argyle Pattaya Apartments close to the famous Pattaya nightlife and walking street.

Pattaya property apartments near walking street Pattaya

Argyle Apartments are roomier than Thailand hotels they come with fully-equipped kitchens, are very cost effective for the individual traveler, couples or groups on a Thailand Pattaya holiday who can share a two-bedroom apartment, cheaper than getting two hotel rooms, if travelling in a bigger group you can split the rent on a three-bedroom apartment, if you want to savour the local cuisines, stock the kitchen with breakfast food, maybe take a dip in our Olympic style pool before exploring the many restaurants for lunch or dinner.

One of the things you need to consider when planning a holiday is the place to stay. Argyle serviced apartments Pattaya provide a cost-effective solution to your accommodation problem in Pattaya Thailand. It is a great alternative to staying in one of the Pattaya hotels. Prices depend on the length of stay and the size of the apartment. Argyle Pattaya apartments have one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and studio apartments. Staying for several days in an Pattaya apartment is cheaper compared to a Pattaya hotel.

Families on a Pattaya Holiday or Thailand getaway will benefit a lot from Argyle Pattaya apartments our kitchens make it easier to prepare meals and feed the children, an apartment with more than one room allows the parents to hang out and talk while their kids are sleeping. Teenagers enjoy the independence of being left alone in the apartment while the parents go out to enjoy a romantic dinner alone.

When you are planning to stay at least five days in Pattaya Thailand, it is recommended to get an apartment. A full week in an apartment can give you the opportunity to enjoy Pattaya nightlife. Argyle Pattaya Apartments are near the Walking Street Pattaya, where you can meet local Pattaya girls and men. It also allows you to know the city more and explore the Pattaya and Jomiten beach. All the destinations are just a few minutes away from the apartments.

Apartment rentals have become popular alternatives to Pattaya hotels a more cost-effective option between the two while renting an apartment takes more legwork than getting a hotel room, location is a main selling point of Argyle’s Pattaya apartments. They are located at the top of Pratamnak Hill that and provide a good view of the sea. You ll get to experience the Pattaya nightlife and and meet the friendly Pattaya girls and guys of walking street. The apartments are also a stone s throw away from the Big Buddha Statue and various temples in the area. Both the Jomtien and Pattaya beach are just a short ride away. And if you want a clear view of both towns, head to the Viewpoint of Pattaya at the Radio Station.

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