Jun 12 2018

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BUREAU and B-SITE executive serviced apartments are the ideal accommodations for business travelers to Japan.

Our fully furnished apartments feature personalized service, and amenities for mid-to-long term stays such as full kitchens, washer/dryers, 24HR Hotline.

10 locations in Tokyo and Yokohama.

  • Tokyo apartments
  • Tokyo apartments


Premium Class Serviced Apartments

Tokyo apartments


Brand New Serviced Apartment

Monthly Rent 270,000yen-468,000yen Size 25.23гЋЎпЅћ45.58гЋЎ

Brand new serviced apartment opening on December 2017!пј€Booking and inquiry available!пј‰

Quality Tokyo Stay with fully furnished and equipped apartment.

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Monthly apartment Shibuya

Monthly Rent 408,000 yen – 550,000 yen Size 38.58гЋЎ-54.73гЋЎ

Enjoy the living in the center of world s culture and fashion. One of the most sophisticated and popular town Shibuya now has this brand new serviced apartment.

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BUREAU Shinagawa

Tokyo Serviced Apartments

Monthly Rent 318,000 yen – 816,000 yen Size 28.31mВІ-83.82mВІ

Our most luxurious serviced apartment building featuring a fitness gym, a bilingual concierge and more.

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BUREAU Kioicho

Serviced Apartment in Tokyo

Monthly Rent 291,000yen – 474,000yen Size 26.26mВІ-45.37mВІ

Features a compact gym. Located in Hanzomon/Akasaka-Mitsuke area. Great cafes restaurants nearby.

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BUREAU Takanawa

Monthly Rent 309,000 yen – 597,000 yen Size 25.88mВІ-54.48mВІ

Surrounded by shops, restaurants. Features large 1BRs only a 6 minute walk from Shinagawa Sta. Access to Yokohama.

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Monthly Rent 288,000yen-414,000yen Size 25.65mВІ-39.59mВІ

GATE HILL TOKYO is the brand new boutique apartment in a tranquil yet good living environment for residential neighborhood. 8 minute walk from Shinagawa Station.


Business Class Serviced Apartments

Tokyo apartments

B-SITE Osaki

Tokyo Studio Apartments

Monthly Rent 210,000yen-234,000yen Size 20.6mВІ-20.67mВІ

6 min from Osaki, a new important commercial center. Compact studios with access to Shibuya, Meguro, Yokohama.

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B-SITE Akihabara

Tokyo Apartment B-SITE Akihabara

Monthly Rent 180,000yen – 240,000yen Size 23.6mВІ-24.68mВІ

Akihabara is Tokyo s electronics center. Urban style apartments feature large-screen TVs, slick furnishing and great views.

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B-SITE Nihombashi Ningyocho

Monthly Rent 198,000yen-384,000yen Size 20.79mВІ-43.23mВІ

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B-SITE Nihombashi Hakozaki

Apartments in Tokyo

Monthly Rent 198,000yen-369,000yen Size 20.65mВІ-41.25mВІ

Details Tokyo apartments

B-SITE Yokohama

Monthly Rent 198,000yen-309,000yen Size 20.43mВІ-30.81mВІ

The first and best serviced apartment building in Yokohama. Walking distance to Minato-Mirai, easy access to Shin-Yokohama.

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