Mar 31 2017

See how a family lives in this 500-square-foot apartment #arc #apartments

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See how a family lives in this 500-square-foot apartment

Blogger Erin Boyle is doing the impossible: She’s living in 500 square feet with her husband and 1-year-old daughter, Faye.

While she dished out exactly how she does it to TODAY earlier this year, she’s now letting us come inside to show what living in a tiny space looks like for the family of three.

And it appears to be quite wonderful.

On her decorating style: “Am I allowed to say simple? I approach decorating with an eye toward simplicity and sustainability. I almost always choose something old over something new. I opt for decorating with fresh flowers instead of a lot of doodads. I’ve always opted to keep the walls bright white. And while I’m actually quite sentimental about much of what’s in my house, I try not to let sentimentality dictate all of my choices.

On the cot in the living room: “We recently replaced a loveseat with a vintage canvas army cot. It’s a little bit unusual as far as living room furniture goes, but it’s really brightened up the space. I love furniture that’s flexible and in the case of a cot, you can literally fold it up and move it if you want to.”

On how her decorating style has changed since becoming a mom: “I think there’s a lot of pressure on new parents to let go of their personal style when they have kids. You hear so much about parents being overwhelmed by kid stuff. But I think it’s totally possible to retain a sense of yourself (whether we’re talking about decorating or otherwise) while also welcoming a tiny human onto the scene.”

“If something doesn’t fit with my vision for my home, or isn’t useful, I’m pretty ruthless about finding it a new place to live.”

“Aside from needing to do a little bit of creative baby-proofing, adding a crib and taking down a set of closet doors to make room for a dresser and diaper pail — we haven’t changed very much at all. Luckily, Faye seems to enjoy wooden crates as much as I do!”

On her favorite memory at home: “The first few weeks after Faye was born were a really special time here. We spent nearly all of our time recuperating in our bedroom and I’ll never forget the way teeny, tiny Faye looked on our white sheets or how the early morning light came in the windows.”

On the hardest part about living in a 500-square-foot home: “ Faye just turned 1, so you might need to ask me this question again in six months once she’s running around, but I honestly don’t find living in this space with a family to be too much of a challenge.

“We’ve avoided buying a whole lot of baby gear so I haven’t felt claustrophobic. That being said, it does take some work and little bit of vigilance to keep the stuff at bay!”

On the best part about living in 500-square-feet as a family: “This has more to do with access to outdoor space than size, but because we don’t have a backyard here, we spend a lot of time exploring the city and getting out of the apartment.”

“Sometimes that just means packing dinner into some containers and heading to eat it in the park. Sometimes that means spending an entire Saturday out and about. I really cherish that time spent with my family.”

(Photos by Stephania Stanley; Styling by Brooke Deonarine)

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