May 17 2018

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Seattle Police Department Kathleen O Toole, Chief of Police

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Crisis Intervention Program Report

Use of Force Data

Priorities for the Future

SeaPAL Program

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Seattle, WA 98104-1900

Seattle Police Department

Seattle, WA 98124-4986

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When to call 911

SPD Blotter | Seattle Police News

Issues and Initiatives

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MCPP Plans

The Micro Community Policing Plans (MCPP) were designed to address the distinctive needs of each community. Learn more about the crime in your neighborhood and what SPD is doing about it.

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Recognizing Two Years of Progress

An overview of what has been accomplished by SPD in the last two years. We ve prioritized reform efforts, while focusing on our four pillars: enhancing public trust, building pride and professionalism, addressing crime and disorder, and promoting best business practices.

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Service Quality Survey

Service Quality Surveys have been conducted since 2006 and measure the overall service callers received as well as the service provided by the 9-1-1 operator.

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SPD Safe Place

SPD Safe Place is a public education and safety campaign aimed at preventing and responding to anti-LGBTQ crimes. This is a volunteer program that businesses and organizations participate in to help victims of hate crimes find a safe place to be sheltered until police arrive.

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