Aug 14 2017

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All round performance

educo School ERP s simplistic holistic approach is extremely user-friendly, enabling any user with basic computer knowhow to use the system. It seamlessly integrates with several 3rd party applications, providing the users with an un-impeachable educational workflow model that suits institutions of all sizes.

Best-in-class service

educo school ERP is backed by a company of professionals with a rich legacy of caring for its customers, and providing guaranteed high quality after sales service for more than a century.

Cost-effective access

educo School ERP brings an education management software system of international standards within the reach of every institution. Its affordable pricing structure facilitates institutions to embrace a new ERP system that enables their growth without worrying about scalability and future costs.

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World class quality Masterclass approach
Konica Minolta, with its world-leading technology for integrating and expanding imaging needs from input to output, an uncompromising attention to the basics of manufacturing and high compatibility with the latest cloud computing infrastructure, complemented by the best-in-class customer-oriented services and support, promises to empower education by educo ERP.

educo ERP works

Any educational institution on a daily basis needs to balance the needs of its various stakeholders. It needs to manage the islands of information and cut through the various bottlenecks that impede growth of an institution.

educo ERP delivers

educo ERP is a promise to deliver enhanced levels in educational management for any institution, enabling them to deliver education with a humane touch.

educo ERP edge
– We believe in the best

educo ERP is Usable, educo ERP is Customizable, educo ERP is Secure, educo ERP is Scalable, educo ERP is Affordabie.

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