Oct 13 2017

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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, speak with a personal injury attorney at Injury Trial Lawyers, APC today. We have over 35 years of combined experience helping San Diego residents recover monetarily after being injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Our award winning team focuses exclusively on personal injury matters, which means you will have an attorney with a proven track record fighting on your behalf. Call us today at (619) 525-7007 to find out how we can help. Our law firm is in downtown San Diego at 1230 Columbia Street #565, San Diego, CA 92101. or we can make arrangements to come to you. We offer a free consultation and only get paid if you win.

Have You Been Injured in San Diego?

With its amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and family-friendly neighborhoods, it’s no surprise that the city of San Diego s population grows on a daily basis. The latest census shows that San Diego currently has an estimated 1.3 million people. making it the eighth-largest city in the U.S. and second largest in California. Unfortunately, more people often means more risk of being hurt in an accident.

According to the latest figures, the city of San Diego alone had over 8,693 motor vehicle accidents. 591 pedestrian injuries, 486 bicycle accidents, and over 234 deaths from fall-related accidents. After suffering an injury, you’re left with many questions regarding your rights and what steps to take next. We answer some of those questions below. If you need more information, speak with a San Diego personal injury lawyer today who can answer your questions.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

If you have been injured in an accident, you may have a claim against the negligent party. However, if your accident resulted only in property damage, then most personal injury lawyers would not handle such a claim. Contact us to discuss your case so we advise you on how to best proceed.

Please note that pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure 335.1. you only have two-years from the date of most accidents to bring a claim. Therefore, it’s best to act quickly so that we have time to investigate your claim.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are several reasons why having an attorney is a good idea.

First, they other side will have an attorney. Collecting for damages usually means dealing with the negligent party’s insurance company. They have a team of lawyers trained to deny or minimize your compensation. Having legal representation puts you on equal footing.

Second, you have no recourse if they lowball the settlement offer. An experienced San Diego personal injury attorney, on the other hand, is ready and willing to take your case to trial if no settlement is reached. The prospect of a costly trial usually results in better offers to avoid litigation.

Third, it’s very hard for you to accurately gage the real value of your claim. We have a network of doctors and experts to accurately assess your injuries so that we can get you the money you deserve.

How Much Can I Get For My Injuries?

There are two types of damages, economic and non-economic. Economic includes lost wages, medical expenses, while non-economic includes pain and suffering. How much you can collect depends on the extent of your injuries and the quality of your legal representation.

The biggest mistake people make is accepting a settlement offer before fully understanding the extent of their injuries. Even a minor injury can have long-lasting consequences and a skilled attorney will make sure you’re compensated accordingly.

Who is Liable For My Injuries?

You may be surprised to learn that several parties my be liable after an accident. For example, after a car accident you may be able to pursue a claim against the other driver, the car manufacturer, and the local municipality. Holding all negligent parties responsible allows you to maximize your recovery.

What If I Was Partly At Fault For My Accident?

California follows the comparative fault rule, which means that your recovery will be reduced by the percentage you are deemed to be at fault. If the court determines that the accident was 50% your fault, then you’re recovery will be reduced by half.

After an accident, the insurance company may contact you hoping to settle your claim. Call our San Diego personal law firm before accepting a settlement. Insurance companies often make unreasonably low settlement offers because they know that you need the money. Let our team analyze your claim and give you a proper estimate of its worth.

Quick but low settlements

After an accident, the insurance company will usually want to resolve the matter quickly. They know you might need money right away, so they offer a low settlement in the hope that you’ll accept.

Before accepting any settlement offer, remember that they are not your friend. The insurance company has one goal in mind: settle the matter quickly and cheaply, regardless of your pain and suffering.

What is fair compensation?

The problem is that often times after a serious accident, it’s hard to know how much money you will need to be fairly compensated for your loss.

Our experienced legal team knows that you might need long-term care, and will fight to make sure you get enough money to compensate you for your future losses..

Get expert advice when it matters

After being harmed in an accident. it is in your best interest to meet with a San Diego personal injury attorney to better understand the value of your claim.

Call us to make sure you get the compensation you deserve – for you and your family.

Contact Injury Trial Lawyers, APC Today if You Have Been Injured In An Accident

Speak with an experienced accident attorney at ITL to discuss your options. Your consultation is free and we only get paid if you win. We are available throughout San Diego and make arrangements to come to you if necessary.

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