Apr 17 2017

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#apartment renters insurance


If your favorite new gadget just got fried by an excess of electrical power, who pays? You do if you’re not covered


ResidentInsure has the insurance policy that you need to cover your personal belongings from harm, as well as meeting your apartment community’s liability insurance requirement, for as little as $7.00 per month. You can have your insurance policy in about 5 minutes from right now – click on the ‘get quote’ button to begin!

  • ResidentInsure makes purchasing renters insurance easy. Simply complete our online form or call one of our licensed insurance agents. Your policy can be in place in a matter of minutes. We make it simple by eliminating the need to fill out lengthy applications. Meaning, you can have an affordable policy that meets the requirements of your new community in about 5 minutes. Whether you’re looking for coverage for personal property or liability only, we’ve got you covered.

    2016 Property Solutions Insurance Agency | ResidentInsure is a product of Property Solutions Insurance Agency LLC, which is a subsidiary of Property Solutions International, Inc.

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