Jan 16 2018

Rental Homes, rental homes.#Rental #homes

rental homes

  • Rental homes

  • Rental homes

  • Rental homes

  • Rental homes

  • Rental homes

    There are thousands of affordable homes for rent in Philadelphia. Nonprofit organizations built many of them with City support. Private landlords also rent affordable homes and apartments. There is no single online location to search and apply for affordable homes for rent. To help, we’ve listed many of the recent City-funded affordable rental housing developments with links to their websites below. includes listings by private landlords.

    Rental Homes

    Rental homes

    1913 W. Lehigh Ave.

    4400 Fairmount Ave.

    319 W. Johnson St.

    1300 Lombard St.

    921-31 Ellsworth St.

    1901 Red Lion Rd.

    3900 Haverford Ave.

    6950 Germantown Ave.

    3000 N. Percy St.

    Rental homes

    7200 Grovers Ave.

    249-57 S. 13th St.

    400 W. Master St.

    3313-17 Haverford Ave.

    1741 Frankford Ave.

    6950 Germantown Ave.

    4330 Germantown Ave.

    101 W. Johnson St.

    Rental homes

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