Dec 9 2017

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Everything from lead generation, to squeeze pages, to call capture text codes, to email drip, to IDX tracking, to follow-up processes. never let another lead slip through the cracks!.


Organize all your contacts and leads and keep in touch with everyone. just the right amount. Never let another lead fall through the cracks and always stay in touch.

eMail Drip System

Create as many email campaigns as you wish. Put as many emails in each campaign as you wish and add as many campaigns to each lead. Yea, we’re flexible!

Take complete control over how, when & what happens to each lead. Send yourself a text, or not. Send yourself an email, or not. Add this lead to your CRM, or not.

Custom Squeeze Pages

Quickly and easily create and customize your own lead generating squeeze pages. Create several and start squeezing leads out of the Internet like never before.

We Log Every Lead

Don’t worry about deleting or trying something new. seem to be missing something? Check the lead log where you can’t delete and we keep everything.

Partner with a Loan Officer, request your leads/clients to be pre-qualified. Then print pre-quals for any amount, up to the limit they are approved for.

Know what’s working and what’s not, then make the needed adjustments. See how many visitors your sites get, and see where that traffic is coming from.

See what your visitors are doing, what properties they are looking at, which ones they mark as favorites or block. You can also see how often they visit.

All your property marketing, virtual tours, unlimited medias, text call capture, YouTube video generation, mobile marketing, full color printing. all in one convenient place. (and all this can be fully automated too, from your MLS!)


Full Property Website

A complete multi-page customizable website for each and every property. Customize the graphics, the menu, the pages. if you can imagine it, you can do it.

Put your property marketing on auto-pilot and let our automated system do all the work for you, right from your MLS data. (and impress your sellers to!)

Tours are automatically created for you from your Gallery pictures. You can customize your tour; add text, adjusting zooms, add more pics and select music.

YouTube Video Creator

Just activate your property and we’ll do all the work. We’ll create a dynamic video for you from your gallery and even upload the video to your YouTube channel.

Select from multiple clean layouts and print flyers right from your property website. Partner with a Mortgage professional and print Open House loan scenario flyers.

A full showing feedback system is included that sends a questionnaire email and charts responses from showings. Sellers can login to manage and view as well.

Hi-Def Pano Tours

Hi-Definition panoramas give depth and perspective to a property. Display up to 360 degree views of your properties in gorgeous High Definition Quality.

Don’t waste time trying to create flyers for your new listing. With every property entered you get multiple great looking flyers automatically generated for you.

Mobile Phone Website

A Mobile Phone Website is created for each listing automatically. These cutting edge mobile sites include detailed info, multiple photos, and so much more.

One Click Posting Tools

Enjoy our copy/paste html posters for classified sites including Craig’s list. With one click of your mouse button, all of the data is auto-populated for you.

Texting w/Call Capture

Buyers can text for property info about a listing right from their car. The info including the mobile website is text’d right back to their mobile phone in an instant!

Buyer traffic is increased to your listings. The property information and a link to the property website is fed nightly to the most popular classified search sites.

Prominently feature and link to all of your listings on your personal webpage, office website, blogs, forums and anywhere else on the web you can think of.

100+ Music Clips

Set the right mood with the right music. Showcase the style of the home with over 100 songs that can be put on either the property website and/or the virtual tour.

Showcase all your listings with our Facebook listing widget. The property scrolling widget and a “Homes For Sale” tab on your page, links to the website.

QR Codes Generated

Instantly connect prospects to more property information without typing the long URL. Snap the Tag with your mobile phone, and the Tag takes you there!

Text to Voice MP4’s

Use our cutting edge text to voice function where your text creates a voice intro to the website or to your Virtual Tour, or just add your personal custom voice file.

Perform your own Search Engine Optimization by taking complete control over your websites’ META tags. Use the default META tags provided, or edit them yourself.

Open House Calendar

Our “Open House” calendar helps consumers navigate all upcoming Open House events. Our html and posting tools change their title to reflect the next Open House.

Front Page Banners

Draw attention to that something special about the property with our eye catching front page Banners that can also be customized to suit your specific needs.

If a picture is worth a thousand words. just think what 100 pictures say! Show it off with unlimited photos, docs, floor-plans, disclosures, appraisals and more.

Full Color Printing

Proudly display your website and/or text code with our FULL COLOR sign riders. Get water bottle labels, door hangers, post cards. everything you need!

Upload Videos More

Upload a video or flash presentation and it embeds it into the website for optimum viewing. Or even better, embed your YouTube or Vimeo videos.

We have proprietary multiple security layers that allow Corporate, Administrator, Agent and Homeowner logins, so they only have access to what’s pertinent to them.

Website Hit Reporting

View where your hits to your websites are coming from as well as the Unique Visitor Counts to each and every website page by date, and how many mobile visitors.

Let all of the texts captured (pulled) from people driving by know of an impending Open House or a price change on the property with our text (push) technology. Posting

Using’s PicturePath technologies, your virtual tour can be posted to your listing to attract even more viewings. Links are posted at no cost.

Google Street Views

If Google street view is available for your property, you can position the cameras angle and yaw, then take the code and embed it into your website.

Property Business Card

Create business cards with your property on the back. Have your sellers hand them out, and hand them out while door-knocking. Promote the listing AND yourself!

Digital Listing Presentations

Stand out from your competitors with our remarkable electronic Flip Show books as Listing Presentations, Buyer Books and more.

MLS Compliant Links

Get the most from your MLS listing by using our MLS compliant links to add a virtual tour link to every listing. We’re approved by most MLS’s across the nation.

Online Users Guide

Our Online Users Guide makes navigating our system a breeze. If you can click, you can use our system. but. just in case we have a manual for you.

A CHAT icon appears on all your property sites so visitors to your property websites can chat with you with one click (we’ll text you the chat request).

You never know what the next client will be searching for, so make sure you get found by marketing to your special niches, neighborhoods and “farming” areas.

Domain Names Direct

Get your domain names here for LESS than GoDaddy! Cheap enough to get a domain name for every property website. or use one of ours at no cost to you.

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