Jun 8 2018

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nyc apartment rentals

No other metropolis in the world compares to New York City, the epicenter of sophisticated cosmopolitan living. With its illustrious social scene, the finest in dining, style, arts and entertainment, New York offers limitless lifestyle choices.

Nyc apartment rentals

Living is the delicate balance between exploring and indulging, and with New York, experiencing everything the grand city has to offer.

From the world famous Museum Mile along Fifth Avenue, the most coveted retail outposts on Madison Avenue as well as in trendy Soho and along the Meatpacking District, to brilliant performances by internationally acclaimed talent at the Lincoln Center, the variety of attractions and activities is truly infinite.

The beauty of New York City lies in its unique composition of cultures and architectural styles. Its distinct skyline is a perfect m lange of iconic architectural landmarks and avant-garde contemporary buildings signifying the very essence of diversity and constant innovation.

Nyc apartment rentals

Quintessentially, art is New York, from incredible permanent collections at world-renown museums to the latest contemporary exhibits and local performances in emerging neighborhoods.

A mecca for arts and entertainment, New York offers everything from the traditional Broadway productions, legendary performances at Madison Square Garden to avant-garde exhibits and installations in emerging neighborhoods.

Dusky bars in Greenwich Village, often found on side streets, are an ideal place to indulge in jazz, a total immersion in a retro era. Chamber operatic and philharmonic performances are not only an opportunity to express personal tastes, but to support the cultivation of the arts.

Art is an experience, and experiences abound in New York City.

With over fifty Michelin star rated restaurants, New York City is an epicurean paradise. A wide variety of award-winning and internationally-renown eateries cover every palette from haute French cuisine to intimate bistros and refreshing casual dining, challenging minds and tastes. A classic New York City experience is a casual Sunday brunch with eclectic menu choices and a relaxed atmosphere.

Nyc apartment rentals

Fashion is art. There is no better place in the world to shop and enjoy the latest styles and trends, than New York City.

At the turn of the century, New York City emerged as the home of ready-to-wear fashions, bringing haute couture direct from the runways of Paris to department stores and boutiques, making it available to the public.

New York is home to such iconic department stores as Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship across from Rockefeller Center, the magnificent Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys. Their latest collections, hand-picked for the discerning tastes of sophisticated New Yorkers, includes both local design mavens and international fashion houses. For unique shopping experiences, seek out boutiques nestled and hidden from the rhythmic sidewalks of main thoroughfares. Discovering vintage pieces in independent shops to stumbling upon an exclusive trunk or sample sale, shopping is an ideal way to spend an indulgent afternoon.

In New York, enjoying fashion is never limited to stores: trend spotting is a pastime. Trends often influence designers and buyers, and watching what New Yorkers wear, whether it is an eclectic mix of high-end garments mixed with vintage finds, city streets are often a better place to find what is new than in boutiques.

Beyond fashion, there is an abundance of shopping for home design items, furniture, antiques, art and even renowned open-air markets, offering the freshest produce, meats and seafood available.

One of the great pleasures of living in New York City is strolling its renowned streets. Breathtaking skyscrapers, nestled gems and a mixture of old world and modernist construction, New York City is an architectural work of art. Bask in the skyline views from penthouse gardens or revel in the intricate craftsmanship of the buildings from the sidewalk.

Get inspired by soaring towers, richly detailed facades and a diversity of design styles. Notable landmarks serve the imagination, awakening emotions of a bygone era. With sumptuous detailing, virtually every building arouses the imagination and emotions.

Find beauty in spaces and places: grace and elegance are lurking on every practical object from parks to playgrounds and even the way the sunlight reflects off the buildings. New York City is built on poetry, asymmetry and the creative collaboration of form and function.

A perfect backdrop to magnificent architecture, abundant public parks support outdoor activities for busy city dwellers. Central Park, the city’s crown jewel, encompasses 250 acres of meticulously maintained lawns, 24,000 trees, 150 acres of lakes and streams and 130 acres of woodlands.

As a preeminent leader in fitness and health innovations, New York City is the epicenter of influential lifestyles. From spas and salons, offering integrative and contemporary aesthetic services, and clubs offering cutting-edge fitness opportunities, New York City is the center of good, healthy living.

As an educational leader in the nation, New York City offers a variety of public and private institutions. From Ivy-League universities to renowned preparatory schools and award-winning art schools, the city encourages the development and cultivation of the brightest minds.

Buttressing the luxurious New York City lifestyle is philanthropy. Unconditional support for selected charities, foundations and non-profits is part of life. Based on belief, mission and notoriety, selecting charities to support is a rite and a public statement. As a leader of financial support, New York City sets the standard of national philanthropy.

From art openings to black-tie galas, New York City remains one of the world’s preeminent cities, often setting the bar for an elegant lifestyle. Enjoying everything that the metropolis has to offer is the fundamental key to living an extraordinary life.

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