Jan 31 2017

Motorcycle thieves targeting apartment complexes along Highway 280 #nyc #apartment #rentals

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Motorcycle thieves targeting apartment complexes along Highway 280

Car thieves are revving up their game when it comes to stealing wheels. Some are going an easier and faster route by taking motorcycles. ABC 33/40 is working for you and discovered a pattern on Highway 280.

Anyone who lives up and down or even around U.S. Highway 280 could have their motorcycle taken. Managers at several apartment complexes around this highway know this and are warning people who live on their property. Shelby County deputies took three reports in the area in the last few weeks.

Steven Stewart and his wife love a good ride.

“It’s about the freedom and relaxation you get with the open road, wind in your face and bugs in your teeth,” said Steven Stewart.

It bugs Stewart to know people are yanking motorcycles at apartment complexes on and around U.S. Highway 280.

“It’s always been everywhere. Motorcycles are viewed as an easy way of stealing. But, it is too close to home and for comfort really,” added Stewart.

Dianne Callier isn’t thinking of comfort after learning thieves recently stole three motorcycles in the Shelby County portion of U.S. Highway 280.

She’s thinking about courtesy and compassion.

“I care because you should not be taking anything from anyone any way. It’s kind of bad for someone to come up and take something you worked so hard for,” said Dianne Callier.

Working hard to prevent more motorcycle thefts, some apartment managers are posting letters telling renters to be alert and keep things secured.

Stewart rides a Harley-Davidson and does his best to keep it.

“I keep it locked and keep the steering wheel locked. It is also in a locked garage with an alarm system on it,” added Stewart.

Lois Lee doesn’t ride one, but understands the problem.

“It’s really sad. People work hard for their money and mIght consider a motorcycle or something like that a luxury,” said Lee.

Portions of Highway 280 also run through Birmingham and Hoover.Investigators with those agencies tell ABC 33/40 have not taken reports for motorcycle thefts in a long time.

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