Sep 18 2017

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Medium Voltage Primary Switchgear – Power Xpert UX

The Power Xpert UX is the latest offering that builds on the success and legacy of Eaton s Unitole MV switchgear. The UX is a global design that is certified to the latest IEC 62271 -100 and -200 standards. UX is a complete range up to 4000 A, 50 kA-3s short circuit withstand, and 50 kA-0.5s AFLR internal arc classification. The compact UX design is based on Eaton s leadership vacuum technology and is available in three panel widths (600, 800, 1000 mm) and 12, 17.5, and 24 kV system voltages.

Eaton’s latest vacuum circuit breaker, the W-VACi. sits at the heart of Power Xpert UX. The W-VACi, with its advanced vacuum interrupter contact designs yield longer life and are very compact.

Safe in use

  • Comprehensive and logical list of mechanical and electrical interlocks
  • Compartments protected against penetration by objects
  • Internal arc rating up to 50 kA for 0.5 seconds and 40 kA for 1 second
  • Internal arc classification of AFLR
  • Loss of service continuity rating of 2B
  • Accessibility of compartments
  • Closed door racking

Reliable in operation

  • Vacuum and cast-resin encapsulation technologies
  • CESI certified to latest IEC 62271 -100 and -200 standards
  • Totally enclosed and insulated main busbar
  • 20,000 operations on vacuum breakers
  • Partition classification of PM

Efficient over the product life

  • 30 year expected product life
  • Cable access front and rear; cable entry bottom and top
  • Up to 4000 A main busbar and breaker ratings
  • Up to 50 kA short circuit and withstand ratings (3 seconds)
  • SF6 free
  • Low end of life disposable costs with all materials being re-usable or recycled
  • Compact and flexible designs (three widths and two depths of panels)
  • Environmentally friendly throughout the life cycle

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