Sep 17 2017

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The National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM) was founded in the spring of 2008. Its purpose is to establish and uphold professional standards for animal acupressure and massage practitioners. The method by which NBCAAM certifies that a practitioner has met these standards is by developing standardized national certification examinations.

While NBCAAM does not teach massage nor acupressure, we offer a certification exam for students trained at one or more of the many educational programs found throughout the US and the world, and set training standards for the students taking the exam. As professional practitioners, instructors, and veterinarians in the fields of animal massage and acupressure, the founding members of NBCAAM developed a set of Core Competencies for each discipline. These Core Competencies reflect the knowledge required to perform animal acupressure or massage as a qualified professional in either one or both animal massage and acupressure disciplines. From this set of Core Competencies, standardized examinations were developed.

The NBCAAM examinations for Equine Massage, Equine Acupressure, Canine Massage and Canine Acupressure are entirely based on the Scope of Practice for each discipline. Each examination has been reviewed by an extended group of professional practitioners, instructors, and veterinarians in their given field. Examination development is expected to be an on-going process of continuous improvement and refinement of the questions.

We have taken important strides toward promoting and increasing the level of professionalism within the animal massage and acupressure disciplines. Taking the examination is entirely voluntary. We are excited to be able to offer this option to people who are serious about enhancing the professional standing of animal massage and acupressure in the United States.

NBCAAM looks forward to providing educational and other professional resources for practitioners and schools. We welcome your participation on the standing committees listed on this website. Please contact us to volunteer to support and promote the good and welfare of this organization. The more we support NBCAAM, the better for all of us in these fields, and the better for many animals.

NBCAAM does not recommend particular training programs at this time. You are welcome to investiage the programs at the schools that support NBCAAM’s mission. Whatever program you choose, please make sure it meets our standards to take the exam.

NOTE: NBCAAM recognizes animal massage and acupressure are not intended to replace medical or veterinary healthcare. NBCAAM Certified Practitioners do not provide medical diagnosis, prescribe medications, perform surgical procedures, or provide chiropractic manipulations. We do expect that NBCAAM Certified Practitioners only provide the professional services set out in the Scope of Practice and strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics identified on this website. NBCAAM cannot be held responsible for anyone not acting within the Scope of Practice or not adhering to the Code of Ethics herein.

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