Sep 14 2017

Low Startup Costs

Drop shipping makes it amazingly easy to get started selling online. You don’t need to invest heavily in inventory, yet you can still offer thousands of items to your customers.

Convenience & Efficiency

Successfully launching and growing an ecommerce business takes a lot of work, especially if you have limited resources. Not having to worry about fulfillment is incredibly convenient.


A drop shipping business can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run.

Trusted Model

You might be thinking that this sounds like some sketchy, fly-by-night model – but it’s not. Plenty of online stores, use drop shipping to offer a wider selection of products to their customers.

Is drop shipping the key to overnight success?

Step 1: We teach you how to choose a niche!

So you’re ready to start an eCommerce drop ship business. Congratulations! The first step is the biggest. It’s not just saying that you “want to start an online business” but actually taking action and moving towards getting your first sale.

Learn how to choose a niche, find suppliers, set up your online store, get approved for drop ship accounts, upload products into your online store, add a payment processor and starting off your business.

Step 2: How to find your competition!

At this point you should already have made a list of products that meet the criteria from Step 1. Now it is time to go out and find your future competition and decide which niche to start with.

What we are going to do here is go out and look for other eCommerce websites who are already selling the products that we have identified in Step 1. It is important to do this product by product and to keep good notes so that you do not get lost in all of the information that you will be looking up.

It is also important to note that we are not going to try to sell all of the products identified in Step 1 on the same eCommerce store. We are going to research each product type independently and then we pick which niche we want to start with. In the future, we can build more eCommerce stores for each other unique product type that we have identified.

Step 3: How to create website!

Drop ship suppliers get excited when they receive a call from a new supplier who:

  • has a quality website already in place
  • can clearly define how they will generate sales
  • can explain why their company offers exceptional customer service

    If you are ready to start reaching out to suppliers but do not have a new eCommerce store already set up, follow my building a highly converting Shopify store. It should only take you 1 to 2 hours to complete (even with no experience) and it will drastically increase your chances of being approved for an account.

    Step 4: How to contact your Drop Ship suppliers!

    When contacting drop ship suppliers, I always recommend by CALLING them. I have been approved with hundreds of Drop Shippers in the past that I have only spoke on the phone one time, and that one time is always my introduction call. The reason I recommend calling is because it is much easier to get through to the right person that way. When you call you should ask to speak to the person in charge of eCommerce accounts. You can then get their e-mail address and if you prefer to send emails as method of communication you will never have to call them again.

    Step 5: How to optimize your online store!

    Before you jump to this next step, you should already have identified your target niche in the Drop Ship Lifestyle “eCommerce Getting Started Guide”, made a master list of suppliers, set up your eCommerce store and been approved for an account with at least one Drop Shipper. It is now time to upload the supplier’s products to your Shopify eCommerce store. We do this in a way that saves us time and use a technique that will help our product page rank higher in Google. One benefit of owning a Shopify eCommerce store is the ability to do a bulk import of products.

    Step 6: How to bring on the buyers!

    If you followed my “Getting Started” in eCommerce Guide and ready to start making some serious money, you need to get on Google Shopping TODAY. Out of all of the traffic sources I have tested Google Shopping converts the highest, by FAR. What’s even better is that Google Shopping results now appear AT THE TOP OF PAGE #1. With this new feature you can literally be on the TOP OF PAGE #1 of Google Results, your first day in business, with a very small advertising budget.

    “Excellent! All meat, really juicy, laying it all out with the sweet spot for prices, niches, buyer type, niche cross-selling. So as I hoped a real solid street smart training by somebody who really does this and truly knows this business inside and out. This is solid pro “insider” info, the real deal.”

    “I’ve been around internet marketing since 2004. I used to sell sites on SitePoint and DigitalPoint before Twitter, Facebook and the creation of Flippa. I’ve been everywhere from eBay to Amazon to my own websites and platforms that I built, to Android to iPhone Apps, to Manufacturing, Branding and e-Commerce. This guy knows what is up and I knew it when I read his stuff.”

    “Just wanted to post a short review after buying this product/course. I already make a full-time income online but I’m always looking for more income streams so I decided to check out this course. I have to be honest, I have purchased courses in the past on this subject and I gave up because I went confused or it just was not explained right. Having bought THIS course, things have changed. His videos are clear and detailed and everything is step by step. I’m already adding products and ready to contact suppliers at this point so I feel confident this venture will be successful. I have spoken directly to Anton numerous times and he has answered each and every question with more than just “yes or no” answers. He is the real deal and he knows what he is talking about!”

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