May 19 2017

Low Cost Furnished Apartment in Reno, NV > Rent Senator Apartments #cheap #studio #apartments

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Siegel Suites Senator | Weekly Payment Options Start at only $119
Minimum length of stay and amenities vary by state, city, and property. Rent Senator Apartments” title=”Low Cost Furnished Apartment in Reno, NV > Rent Senator Apartments” hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″/>


Rent a low-cost, furnished studio in downtown Reno!

Siegel Suites Senator Studio Apartments are a great place to stay in the heart of downtown Reno, NV. Our fully furnished boarding rooms are perfectly located within easy walking distance of Reno casinos, restaurants, shopping, parks, a baseball stadium, the Amtrak train station, and more.

Rent a fully furnished studio apartment that’s move-in ready with a mini fridge, microwave, TV, air conditioning, and all the furnishings you need. We can also easily unfurnish if you are bringing your own furniture. Rent your Reno studio today with no credit check, no long term lease, and your choice of low weekly or monthly payment options. Our studio apartments are a great value, with free utilities, free premium cable TV, and more. Get more details below. Then call us toll-free at 1-888-328-0192. locally at 775-376-5438, or email us to reserve your Reno apartment at Siegel Suites Senator.

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