Sep 15 2016

Los Angeles Apartment Listings

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Los Angeles CA Apartments
Apartment Rentals in Los Angeles, CA

As the nation’s second-largest city, Los Angeles, CA has just about every type of apartment imaginable on offer at a surprising range of price points. Occupying a large basin between the San Gabriel Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles is legendary for its mild weather and spectacular views, especially when winter snowfalls coat the peaks to the east. If you’re looking for an apartment here, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

Traffic and Transportation

Los Angeles has a reputation for traffic jams and long commutes, but that doesn’t mean your next apartment won’t be close to a transportation line that can take you right to work. The city’s subway and light rail system has been growing for years and now serves the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and El Monte. Although apartments along the city’s transit lines are somewhat more expensive than those in quieter neighborhoods, they offer shorter commute times and a higher quality of life. On a similar note, be sure to ask your new landlord if your apartment comes with off-street parking, an important consideration in a big city.

From two-story apartment buildings surrounding spacious outdoor pools to historic streetfront brownstones, Los Angeles has a wide variety of housing stock. Because space is at a premium here, be sure to rent only what you need: If you’re living alone, a one-bedroom or studio apartment is probably at a premium. If you want a larger place, consider taking on a roommate. You can connect with roommates for apartments of any size using one of the city’s free print or online apartment-finder publications.

Where to Work

Long gone are the days when Los Angeles was a company town for the movie industry. Today, it’s a leader in international business, finance, and consumer products. The thousands of new apartment units under construction in the city’s rapidly-expanding downtown area are a testiment to this. If you work downtown, consider finding an apartment nearby or along the Red or Purple subway lines, which stop at Pershing Square, Civic Center and 7th Street/Metro Center.

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