Sep 1 2017

How to Repair an Above-Ground Pool With Rust on the Pool Walls #above #ground #pool #repair #wall


How to Repair an Above-Ground Pool With Rust on the Pool Walls

Inspect the pool sides in the spring and fall to catch rust spots early.

It is easiest to repair a rusting above-ground pool while the rust spots are small. If you catch it in the early stages, the repair will stop the rust from spreading. Let it go too long and holes may develop, complicating the repair. If the rust is inside the pool walls, possibly caused by a leaking liner, you will need to drain the pool and remove the liner.

Inspectng the Pool Walls


Drain the pool. Reverse your pool pump to drain the pool or set up a siphon. Allow several hours to overnight for this step, depending on the size of your pool.


Remove the top edging that holds the liner in place. Remove the pool liner carefully to avoid tearing it. Inspect it for holes. If your liner is old or damaged, this is a good time to replace it. Otherwise, fold it neatly for replacement later.


Inspect the entire pool wall exterior and interior surfaces for rust and mark even small spots for repair.

Patching Small Rust Holes


Remove the rust around rust holes using a steel brush or chemical rust remover. Rinse the chemicals away and allow the area to completely dry.


Patch small holes with epoxy putty. Knead the putty to mix thoroughly and push it through the hole from the inside. Smooth the overflowing putty even with the pool wall on both sides.


Allow the putty to cure for 24 hours.


Sand the putty on both sides, creating a smooth transition with the pool walls.

Remove Rust and Repaint


Remove small spots of rust with a wire brush. For widespread rust, use a chemical rust remover. Rinse off the chemicals and allow the area to dry.


Paint the spot with a rust-proof primer. For small spots, spray paint is easy to use. Allow the primer to dry.


Paint the exterior wall with matching paint. If your rust spots are extensive, you may wish to paint the entire pool exterior.


Replace the pool liner when the paint has dried.

Things You Will Need

  • Steel brush
  • Chemical rust remover
  • Epoxy putty, optional
  • Sand paper, optional
  • Anti-rust primer
  • Paint


  • Use gloves when using rust remover chemicals or epoxy putty. Wear a face mask when spray painting.

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