Aug 22 2017

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Comprehensive Coverage with ADT Home Security Systems

ADT home security systems put just as much work in keeping your home safe and secure as you do. Our around-the-clock monitoring ensures that even when you aren t home, someone is there making sure you don t come home to any surprises.

From burglary monitoring, to fire and smoke monitoring, to natural disasters such as floods, and even medical alert monitoring, ADT offers the best home security systems to manage anything life throws at you.

Whether you re at home or away, ADT s Customer Monitoring Centers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Only ADT has six Customer Monitoring Centers to provide you with fast response monitoring, because when our home security systems are triggered, a fast response really matters. Take comfort in knowing that you and your family are safe from harm any time of day.

Our home security systems come with sensors which detect changes in temperature anywhere in your house. Low temperature sensors activate when dangerously low temperatures are detected and provide a great solution to help prevent bursting pipes and other low-temperature damage. Heat sensors alert you when dangerously high temperatures are detected, so you can take action to make sure your family members or pets are safe at all times.

Our home alarm security systems are constantly monitoring to ensure that once a burglary alarm is received at a Customer Monitoring Center, a trained ADT professional will notify you and first responders quickly.

Protect your home from potential water damage during a flood. Once an alert from our home security systems is received, a trained ADT professional notifies you as quickly as possible so you can take action and intervene in any potential damage.

The ADT Commitment

ADT home security is the most established and trusted in the industry. For over 140 years, we’ve made protecting and connecting the centerpiece of what we do.

We consider this commitment an ADT responsibility that goes into all of our home security monitoring systems. but also goes beyond that to placing a high value on ADT sustainability as well.

Even a brief look at our ADT history tells you a great deal about ADT. and further demonstrates our experience, expertise and values. These qualities are pervasive in our company. Our ADT directors and ADT corporate leadership are committed to upholding the ADT code of conduct and ADT ethics in everything that we do.

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