Aug 27 2017

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Richmond Community College: Classes Courses Designed for You

At Richmond Community College, we want you to get ahead in your life and career, no matter your age or situation. Just graduating from high school and looking to go into the workforce? Returning to college in search of a new career? Wanting to get ahead at your job by getting a certification? Searching for a college that provides adult education? We offer classes, courses and programs to help you fulfill your educational goals.

Prepare for the Workforce with an Education from Richmond Community College in Richmond and Scotland County

For more than 50 years, it’s been our mission at Richmond Community College to prepare our students to succeed in whatever they do by providing tools that will benefit them for the rest of their life. We continue that calling today by offering educational resources to students of all ages and from all backgrounds.

For those unsure if community college is right for them, RCC has dozens of academic programs and online classes that are catered to what you want to learn and can easily transfer to other schools. We want our students to not only have their intellectual appetite satisfied, but to be prepared for their next steps in life, whether that’s a 4-year school. the workforce or a brand new job.

Worried about paying for your classes at our North Carolina community college? We want a great education to be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer financial aid and scholarship programs .

Learn more about how Richmond Community College in Richmond and Scotland counties can help improve your career and life by contacting us online or connecting with us on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with events at our school. Let us help you easily start or finish your education with a college experience that meets all of your needs.

Law Student Gets Hooked on College Starting at RichmondCC

Sarah Doty looks forward to the day when she can stand in a courtroom presenting evidence and arguing for justice. Once a shy homeschooled girl, Doty is a second-year law student at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law who is ready to become a litigator. Doty credits Richmond Community College for the confident woman she has become with a law degree in her near future. “Richmond Community College is the reason I was able to follow my dreams of becoming the first in my entire family to.

University Professor Grateful for Her Start at RichmondCC

When Dr. Sandra Holley of Charlotte finished her doctorate in accounting in May, she started making phone calls to people she wanted to thank for helping her get to this point in her life. One of her first calls was to Dr. Devon Hall, her former business instructor at Richmond Community College. “I told Dr. Hall I wouldn’t have gotten here without Richmond Community College,” said Holley, who is an accounting professor at Pfeiffer University. “He said, ‘You need to come talk to my students.

60-Year-Old Woman Gaining Trade Skills at RichmondCC for Retirement Plan

Sixty-year-old Shirley Koch of Laurinburg is working on her retirement plan, which includes learning to wire a house. Koch is one of 22 students enrolled in the NCCER Electrical Apprenticeship program being offered through Richmond Community College’s Workforce and Economic Development division. The only woman in the Level Two program at RichmondCC, Koch is not intimidated by what traditionally would be considered “man’s work.” She said the standardized training she’s receiving through the.

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