Feb 11 2018

Granny Flats for Rent in Australia – Prices and locations, Transportable Homes Specialist, flats for rent.#Flats #for #rent

Granny Flats for Rent

Ever considered granny flats for rent? It is safer with more security and privacy; plus, it is usually more reasonably priced considering what is on offer.

Wanting to live in a granny flat?

As a renting tenant, the same conditions for renting a house apply. However, maintenance of surrounding grounds may be included in the rent. Parking may be only available on the street as many granny flats do not have a parking space available on the actual property.

Where to find granny flats for rent

Real Estate Agents – Talk to the property manager about your requirements, fill out all the paperwork and when one comes up on the books you have a head start. Ringing the real estate property manager twice a week is a good strategy as a granny flat could be listed at any time.

Local Newspapers – look in the local newspapers for leads and don t be afraid to ring relatively early so you don t miss out on private advertisement. Private advertisers are less likely to go through a selection process (like a real estate agent), instead having a preference to just put the first well presented, acceptable person with great rental references in and sign them up.

There are many places online advertising granny flats for rent but the 3 listed below have the most listings that are regularly updated. When typing in keywords also, type granny flat for rent , then your state/city (eg: granny flat for rent Brisbane) into any of these websites to find ones in your area Flats for rent

Wanting to rent out a granny flat to a tenant?

A one month bond is payable up front in all instances in Australia if a person is renting a granny flat. Also, the payment of rent in advance is standard practice and does vary from State to State.

For very thorough information regarding every aspect of rentals including the types of rental agreements, tenancy laws, tips for finding good tenants, dispute resolution, raising rental, ending a tenancy, legislation, and Government bodies; visit

From an investment point of view, the returns on investment can be quite lucrative as granny flats command impressive rentals.

Keep in mind, only one granny flat can be placed with a home on a residential property, it can not be put on vacant land and the maximum size is approximately 60m2 (depending on State).

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