Jul 21 2017

Ease Your Search: Apartment Hunting Checklist #staten #island #apartments

#apartment hunting


Ease Your Search: Apartment Hunting Checklist

Hola Maria, en dónde buscas apartamento? Simplemente incluye la ciudad y el estado en y verás algunos resultados. Cuando veas algo que te guste, dale click al botón anaranjado que dice Check Availability y somete tu información de contacto. Alguien se comunicará contigo para darte mas información. Puedes llenar una aplicación para rentar cuando ya estes en la oficina de arrendamiento de la comunidad que elijas. ¡Los empleados de la administración te ayudarán! Puede que te sientas mas cómoda haciendo tu búsqueda en en Español:

Hoye disculpa q áreas o estados pueden ayudar a rentar o en q estados ustedes trabajan

Lea Erbskorn says:

Hello! We are happy to help with your apartment search. Based on the information that you provided us, we ran a search and these listings were generated:
Boise, ID:
Meridian, ID:
Feel free to narrow down from there. To contact apartment properties with questions you may have, there is a “Check Availability” button to the right of the apartment listing and a phone number. We hope this helps!

Hello. I m looking for an apartment in a nice neighborhood in the Concord or Harrisburg NC area. A 3 bedroom for no more than $750 a month.

Lea Erbskorn says:

Hi Tarsha. We ran an apartment search based on the information that you provided us and unfortunately, there aren t any listings available that are a match. We are sorry for this inconvenience. If your criteria changes at any point in the future, we would be happy to run another search and see what listings come up as a result.


Things do sound very interesting in many ways. Hopefully my requirement is available and I will receive a response as soon as I send this in. I ve lost my husband and my beloved son has 7 years of cancer plus my youngest son had two heart attacks last week. these problems have ended my teaching, but I do want a 1 bed 1 bath apartment with washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. for lower than $800. Thank you. amen Prof. Barbara S. Reall

Lea Erbskorn says:

Hi Liz. Using the information that you provided us, we ran search and unfortunately, there aren’t any apartments that match what you are looking at this moment in time. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience. But feel free to reach out to us in the near future. We typically get new listings and we would love to run another search to see if anything matches what you are looking for. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience with our search results.

ronald claypool says:

Looking for 3bed and 2 bath apartment or town home. In range of $950 month. In arlington texas.

Lea Erbskorn says:

Hey Ronald! We are happy to help with your search. We ran a search based on the information that gave us and this listing came up in our search results:
Please feel free to take a look at this apartment property and see if it is something that you are looking for. If it doesn’t match what you need, here are some listings for 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms (if you’re interested):

We hope these listings are helpful! We wish you the best on your search and move.

Im looking for an apartment in the Charlotte NC area. Trying to stay on the low side for rent, being the first move into charlotte would temporary and just long enough to figure out the city and job prospects to finally decide where i will be making a permanent move to. 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, or even an efficiency is sufficient. Please help.

Hi I m ending a 22 yrs marriage, abusive situation Anyway My ex has ruined my credit I m presently get it repaired thru a law firm But,I have to move back to Memphis Tenn from Seattle Wa Next couple if months. I Need an apt for me and my kitti Can you tell me how to go about explaining this to the Apt complexes Most are Medical bills otherwise it s o.k. I need a 2 Bedroom 2 bath My family lives there.No one will co-sign for me. What should I do. I know your not in legal ,but ,I love what comments you post I thought u might give me a heads up. My credit was great A1, but I m disable and need to start over, any help would be appreciated tks Betty.

Thanks for reaching out to us at with your question. Glad to hear you like reading our posts and comments. First of all, we are sorry to hear about your situation. We cannot offer direction or guidance as to finding specific properties when someone has credit score issues. Unfortunately, you will likely not have much success with large apartment communities as they have very consistent standards regarding credit scores and will usually not make exceptions to those. You may have a better chance of finding something through local postings from people who have garage or basement apartments to rent, or by networking with friends and families who may know people with a small apartment available. Look for things like rooms for rent by private landlords, guest houses, garage apartments, etc. We are, unfortunately, not such a resource. We simply provide advertising for apartment communities.

Best of luck,
The Team

Trying to fill out the checklist but do not have a printer can it be sent to me and I ll send it back electronically. I am trying to move my family to homestead, FL 2-kids and Girlfriend because within proximity of my job, I am trying to pay no more than 750.00 for 2 bedroom but if I can get a 1bedroom that would be better because less money and strain on my family. I was looking at several apartment complex Winchester Garden, Colony lakes, Monterey Pointe, can you please help me. My credit is not all that great. Thank you

Hello Steven! We do have apartments in the Homestead, Florida area that meets your rental needs. Please take a look at the list of apartment rentals that fit your specific needs. 11 Homestead, FL Apartments From Less than $750 I definitely understand the importance of making sure your apartment fits your budget and the needs of your family.

Unfortunately, in filling out the checklist, we would not be able to print out and have you send it back electronically. I suggest going to your local library and printing from there. Thank you for letting guide you to your perfect apartment!

I have been looking for a 1bedroom apt since April, I have a section 8 voucher when I do find a 1bedroom they don t accept section 8 vouchers. can you post some Apts that DO ACCEPT Section 8 vouchers. Would be very helpful! Thank you.

Unfortunately, we do not filter apartments by section 8 voucher. Please feel free to look up apartments in your area and out of those that interest you call and see if they accept vouchers or not.
My apologies for not having more information concerning this matter. Best of luck with your search!

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