Sep 30 2017

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Contagious Disease Causes, Contagious Disease List, Types of Contagious Diseases

A disease is contagious if it caused by some type of infecting organism that is spread human to human. Not all diseases involve an organism and not all organism involved diseases are transmitted person to person.

Disease means impairment of your health. There are numerous causes for your health to become diminished that has nothing to do with an external living thing. Case in point is when your own body’s dysfunction causes the problem, such as with cancer or an autoimmune disorder .

An infectious disease results from another living agent that interrupts your normal bodily function, for instance infection causing germs like a bacteria. virus. fungus or parasite. Many infectious diseases are not contagious because they are only strewn via other means, for instance ticks. fleas. food. water or animals .

A contagious disease can be dispersed in couple of ways, commonly:

  • feces from an infected person
  • air travel propelled by a sneeze or cough
  • direct physical contact with an infected individual
  • touch something that an infected individual previously touched

Here is an extensive, albeit not complete, of common, and not so common, contagious disease list:

This list of contagious disease types range from highly contagious to only mildly. And the duration you’re contagious varies as well.

As the name implies, sexually transmitted diseases. or STDS, are contagious. They are transmitted human to human via some type of sexual contact. List of these infectious diseases include:

All around are numerous types of contagious diseases that pose a detriment to your health. A few are controlled through vaccination. while the greatest number require common sense approaches to avoid being infected.

Washing your hands is touted as the single most important step in prevention. As for STDs, practicing safe sex takes the prevention prize for those on that contagious disease list.

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