Sep 30 2017

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Connecticut Bail Bondsman Servicing Statewide

Connecticut Bail Bond Information

Bail Bondsmen in the State ofConnecticut must be licensed in order to conduct bonding business. Standard rates for bail or Bail Premiums are set and regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID). Prior to the execution of a bail bond, all bondsmen must get written authorization from a third party or if possible the defendant. This authorization is accomplished via a signature agreement which allows a bail bondsman to initiate bail proceedings. If the bail bond Premium cannot be paid full at the time of execution, a bondsmen can arrange a payment agreement. However, such unpaid balance must be paid no later than 15 months from the time of bail. Learn about the need of Co-signers . Learn about the 35% down requirement

How Bail Bonding Premium Works

Brief and Simplified

1. We put up the money for the full amount of the Bail Bond (ex: $5,000).

2. Then charge the person financing the bail bond either a 10% or 7% premium fee for putting up the money. (ex: $5,000 BOND X .10 FEE = YOU PAY $500

3. For a bail bond equal to $5,000 or less, we charge a premium fee of 10%

4. For a bail bond greater than $5,000, we charge a premium fee of 7% + $150.00

Don’t have the full premium, payment plans are available!

Connecticut Bail Bond Information and FAQ’s: provides fast and confidential bail bond service. With a positive reputation that speaks volume, you are in good hands. Call Us Today!


Loved One Locked Up? look no further! Call the Connecticut bail bond Pro’s. We have years of bonding experience and offer 24 Hour Service! Any Detention Facility in CT.


You can count on us! We offer the best bail bond payment arrangements in the state of CT. 0% Financing and debit/credit is accepted. Bondsmen serving statewide.

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