Nov 4 2017

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Companion Life Insurance Company

Aug 14, 2014 by Jessica Sysol

WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I just cancelled my coverage with them for a second time and will not go back ever again. They are known by so many different company names it makes your head spin. If you call with a question, good luck getting a return call or email. I would have to call several times to get anyone to speak to me only to them get transferred to so many different people, each one saying they were not affiliated with the prior person I just spoke with. An absolute disgrace. My questions would never get resolved. I would be left with nothing more than extreme frustration. They should be reported and shut down.

Been my company for years

Companion Life Insurance Company

May 09, 2014 by Drake Johnson

I’ve been covered by Companion Life for a good part of my life. I had to pick up coverage after Blue Cross dropped my entire companies coverage.
I had a long frustrating search shoveling mountains of bureaucracy, and no straight answers.
I heard of companion through a friend and when I spoke with an agent, I was sold ever since.
Best coverage around for the best prices, all of my doctors take it and I got my surgery done.

It angers me that I go online and see all these negative comments. Some times makes me wonder if there’s a big smear job going on against this company.

Does not inspire confidence

Companion Life Insurance Company

Feb 13, 2013 by Greg Smith

We have had a policy (AmeriBenefit Plan) with Companion Life for about two years. Every contact with them is a frustrating nightmare. Hold times are always more than 10 minutes. Nobody can give you correct info. On my most recent call, the rep (who could not help me) transferred me to another department. The number I reached was for “guys wanting to talk with hot girls”. I am still trying to get my insurance issue dealt with.

Hopsital Indemnity

Companion Life Insurance Company

Jan 02, 2013 by Ashley

They cancelled me after one year of paying premiums on my policy.

1.7 5.0 6 6 They cancelled me after one year of paying premiums on my policy.
Companion Life Insurance Company

Companion Life Insurance Company

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