Jul 28 2017

Cheap Places in Spain to Rent – My Spanish Adventure #4 #rent

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Cheap Places in Spain to Rent for the Budget Traveller, Language Learner or Penny-Conscious Entrepreneur

I have friends in Córdoba who have an entire apartment vamos, una casa! for only a little more than what I pay for a closet-sized room in la capital. There are tons of advantages to living in the heart of Madrid, but rent is certainly a downside. Where does Cáceres fall on this scale?

Will December 18, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

Cassandra thanks for the comment that s great to know about Córdoba! As for Cáceres it s insanely cheap to rent, probably one of the cheapest spots in the whole of Spain I d say. Most places were between 100-130 when I was looking and absolute palaces compared to those in London I rented for 6 times the cost!

I was glad to find your website. I would love to live in spain for a Summer to try it out. I am looking for teaching jobs that may be available or some degree relevant vocational experience via placement companies. The prices you quote and the comments about the weather are inspirational to me and will encourage me to find a way of supporting myself financially in spain. Thankyou


[ ] to really save money in Spain and still have a cracking experience? Live in the smaller cities (or provincial capitals) that are [ ]

[ ] haven’t lived in a Spanish apartment yet where I couldn’t hear my roommate taking a dump through the paper-thin walls. In the winter [ ]

[ ] poorest regions in Spain (although you really wouldn’t notice it), living in Cáceres is insanely cheap when compared to some of Spain’s larger cities. Paying just 100 Euros a month for a room in a shared apartment in the centre of town, I literally [ ]

[ ] It MUST be in a place with relatively cheap to rent apartments (I’m no millionaire here, see my list on cheap places to live in Spain) [ ]

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