Oct 25 2016

Black And White Apartment Design With Lots Of Funny Decor #lofts #for #rent

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Black And White Apartment Design With Lots Of Funny Decor

The living room in black and white is made cozier with the help of a cool rug and pillow

This eye-catchy apartment belongs to a couple with a good sense of humor, and that’s reflected in the décor.

The apartment is located in the 1932 building, and the owners hoped to get cool original brick walls but didn’t find any, so they decided to make concrete walls to achieve the same raw effect.

The color scheme of the apartment is black and white, which is rather typical for a Scandinavian space like this one. There are just a few touches of navy and gold and natural wood here and there to enliven the space.

The monochrome living room is rather cozy, black sofa and graphic black and white rug make the space comfy but the centerpiece of the room is a gallery wall with various artworks and pictures, it really makes a statement.

The home office is mid-century modern, with a cool retro wooden desk and chair and a great metal grid used for hanging and attaching various stuff, which is rather functional and continues the décor. The unique bar cabinet is made in the shape of a fuel can with mirror surfaces and wood inside.

The kitche n is also a mix of black and white, and here the furniture is white while the floors are black. Modern furniture here is mixed with the 50s flea market pieces. Every room here has its own character, and so does the kitchen. Here a peculiar element is a chalkboard door, which is very functional and looks relaxing.

The master bedroom can boast of some different colors like blue. Navy curtains, a grey bedspread and headboard with a navy and gold lamp make the bedroom more eye-catchy.

There are a lot of fun elements and decorations to show the couple isn’t taking everything too serious, so get inspired!

There’s a metal grid in the home office, it allows attaching things to it

the bar cabinet reminds of a fuel can

The kitchen furniture is a mix of modern items and flea market finds

A tiny corner shelf is one more retro flea market piece

A chalkboard door makes the kitchen more relaxed and let you not take the monochrome interior too seriously

Simple whitewashed planks cover the entryway floors

The master bedroom can boast of more colors and shades like navy or gold

There are a lot of funny decorations and accessories that show the owners’ sense of humor

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