Oct 2 2017

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Bioinformatics Online

Emerging from unprecedented investigations into biological phenomena over the last decades, the in-demand field of bioinformatics organizes and translates vast streams of data from living organisms generated by the Human Genome Project and other more recent studies. If you are seeking a role as an expert in bioinformatics, you need a thorough appreciation of biology, chemistry, and computer science. This online advanced certificate prepares you to join a talented cadre of creative specialists in the fast-paced pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Students who earn a Bioinformatics Advanced Certificate may apply those credits towards the Bioinformatics Master s Degree. Note that only 9 credits from the Advanced Certificate can be used towards the Bioinformatics Master Degree program.

4 Required Courses (12 Credits)

Required Core Courses (9 Credits)

3 Credits Bioinformatics I: Sequence Analysis BI-GY 7533 This course covers computer representations of nucleic acid and protein sequences; pairwise and multiple alignment methods; available databases of nucleic acid and protein sequences; database search methods; scoring functions for assessment of alignments; nucleic acid to protein sequence translation and codon usage; genomic organization and gene structure in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; introns and exons; prediction of open reading frames; alternative splicing; existing databases of mRNA, DNA protein and genomic information; and an overview of available programs and of Web resources. 3 Credits Next Generation Sequence Analysis BI-GY 7653 Next Generation Sequencing course teaches our students how to analyze massive amounts of data from genome sequencing machines in order to meet the growing demand for healthcare solutions.

Prerequisite: BI-GY 7533 3 Credits Computational Tools Perl & Bioperl BI-GY 7643 This course is designed to introduce students to the Perl programming language, its bioinformatics toolbox BioPerl and Unix commands for processing high throughput genomic and/or proteomic data.

Prerequisite: BI-GY 7573

Choose 1 Elective (3 credits)

3 Credits Proteomics BI-GY 7543 The course explores protein-folding representations; databases of protein-folding classes; secondary structure prediction; tertiary structure prediction via computer-folding experiments threading; homology model building; prediction of post translation modification sites; active and binding sites in proteins; representations of contiguous and non-contiguous epitopes on protein surfaces at the sequence level; representations of functional motifs at the three dimensional and at the sequence level.

Prerequisites: Bioinformatics I. 3 Credits Transcriptomics BI-GY 7633 Screening of differential expression of genes using microarray technology builds the opportunities for personalized medicine converging soon to medical informatics and to our health care system. The course will start with a discussion of gene expression biology, presenting microarray platforms, design of experiments, and Affymetrix file structures and data storage. R programming is introduced for the preprocessing Affymetrix data for Image analysis, quality control and array normalization, log transformation and putting the data together. Bioconductor software will be dealt with data importing, filtering, annotation and analysis. Machine learning concepts and tools for statistical genomics will be addressed along with distance concept, cluster analysis, heat map and class discovery. Case studies link the methodology to biomolecular pathways, gene ontology, genome browsing and drug signatures. 3 Credits Foundations of Computer Science CS-GY 6003 This course covers logic, sets, functions, relations, asymptotic notation, proof techniques, induction, combinatorics, discrete probability, recurrences, graphs, trees, mathematical models of computation and undecidability.

Corequisite: Graduate Standing.

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