Aug 30 2017

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Student Testimonials

(Melissa was in our Medical Office Assistant program, she was employed before completing the program!)

I love my job and find it very exciting. I ve met a lot of new people. For the first three days I was training in the Client Liaison s office just to see how the systems work. They were 8 hour days and today I am doing a 12 hour shift in the pre-admitting for emergency. It is all so exciting and everyone here is really impressed with all the medical knowledge that I have. I can only say that it s because of you and the courses I took at Academy of Learning. You gave me confidence in myself and it made me believe I can accomplish anything. I think any future students who take this course should know that, even though the work is very challenging and difficult, it really pays off in the end. Thanks for everything!


Industry Overview

As regulations and legislation evolve and the public s need for legal services and advice grows, the need for skilled paralegals is as high as ever. Employment prospects for paralegals are stable, regardless of the economic ups and downs outside of the law industry, which makes it a steady career option.

The Paralegal diploma program is accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada and prepares graduates to apply to the Law Society of Upper Canada to become licensed paralegals. Paralegals are non-lawyers who provide legal services in specified areas of practice to the public for a fee. The type of work that a licensed paralegal can perform is limited by the Law Society and this program is restricted to those areas of law.

Paralegals are invaluable both as individuals and as part of the legal team. In just 49 weeks, graduates will be prepared to work in law offices, legal departments of any organization and/or run their own practice, and can find employment opportunities with law firms, government offices, private industry or as independent Paralegals.

With Law Society of Upper Canada accreditation in a field that offers a variety of workplace options and exciting personal challenges, it s no wonder the Paralegal diploma program is one of our most popular diploma options!

Contact Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus today for more information and find out if a career as a paralegal is right for you. With financial assistance options for everyone, there s no reason to put it off any longer! ( Click here to watch the introductory program video or scroll to the bottom of the page )

Duties Responsibilities

Paralegals use their skills and experience to handle a variety of legal responsibilities. Because of their wide understanding of the law, paralegals are invaluable members of a legal team. They often participate in the initial interviews between clients and their lawyers and collect crucial information related to a client s case. Paralegals have a number of diverse duties from drafting legal documents to doing research to assisting with legal transactions.

In Ontario, paralegals are regulated as officers of the court and licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada the only jurisdiction in the Western hemisphere to do so! Licensed paralegals in this province enjoy more independence, as they can independently practice in approved areas of the law. They can represent clients in provincial matters, immigration, landlord tenant disputes, labour law, small claims court and other criminal matters.

A diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus gives you the training and work experience you need to be a paralegal. Contact us today for more information. In only 49 weeks, you ll have the skills and experience you need to move forward with total confidence!

Skills Attributes

A diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus lets employers know that you have the skills and training required of a paralegal. We consult with employers to ensure that our classes provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant training so you can start a job with confidence and self-assurance. Some of the personal attributes that potential employers look for in a paralegal include:

Superior organizational skills

A genuine interest in the law

Problem-solving skills and initiative

Ability to work as part of a team

Ability to perform research and synthesize information

Multi-tasking skills

A professional and helpful demeanour

Good communication skills

Respect for all aspects of client confidentiality

Contact us for more information and we ll show you how quickly this rewarding career could be yours!

Career Opportunities

Your Paralegal diploma gives you the skills, training and experience that correspond with a variety of careers, including:

Provincial Offence agent

Small Claims Court agent

Landlord Tenant Tribunal agent

Labour Board agent

Workplace Safety and Insurance (WSIB) benefits agent

Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) benefits agent

Summary Offenses agent

And many more!

With classes starting every week, you can start soon and graduate soon. Contact Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus for more information on this diploma program and the financial assistance options that work best for you.

Graduate in 49 Weeks

In under a year, you could be on your way to a whole new career as a Paralegal. Students attend classes for 45 weeks followed by 150 hours of field work. The instructional component gives you the skills and knowledge; the field placement gives you marketable Canadian work experience. Combined, you ll have everything you need to jump into a new career with complete confidence!

Contact us today. One of our career consultants can show you just how quickly you can get started in the thriving and exciting world of law!

Watch the program video below

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