Sep 19 2016

Apartments in Huntington Beach, CA For Rent and Immediate Move-In

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Come to apartment appointments prepared. You know how many folks are planning on moving to Huntington Beach right this second? Us neither. But it’s lots—trust us. That means you gotta be up on your game. When you meet with potential landlords, have handy copies of the following: pay stubs, driver’s license (or passport if you hate fossil fuel, and therefore America), and checkbook to write out a deposit (at least $400) if necessary. Ooh, and did we mention there’s usually an application fee ($40) and required renter’s insurance ($200/year)? Keep your eyes peeled for specials like one month free or no deposit required with a yearlong lease.

Do your homework. Heaps of residents equate to heaps of complexes—and not all are created equal. Google has a great “reviews” component in Maps now; and Yelp! has been accruing reviews for a few years. Read up on the apartment complexes and managing companies you’re interested in to narrow your search.

Find a complex with a garage. If you’re a Cali native, you don’t need someone to tell you that cute lil’ VW Bug of yours can turn GE Convection Oven in no time, if left out in the sun. Apartment owners know this, too, and many offer garage parking at no extra cost. If they do want to charge for it, just keep hunting—there’s bound to be a similar complex in the neighborhood that doesn’t.

Neighborhoods and Pricing

Neighborhoods and Pricing

The closer you are to the beach, the more expensive it gets (No kidding, huh?). For more exact quotes, see the breakdown below.

Main St. /Oceanfront As you probably gathered from the neighborhood name, Oceanfront is, quite intuitively, by the ocean. Prepare to pay $1400/month for 1BR townhomes on Beach Blvd. however one can usually find 2BR equivalents for around $1600/month in the same area. If you can pay the fee, might as well take the single, but as far as your wallet is concerned, you should consider all the possibilities having roommates can offer.

Adams is your more residential pick. There are a lot of the tract houses and condos that dot the cityscape. Single bedroom apartments will usually run you about $600-800/month, depending on how fancy the digs are. 1BR/1BA apartments fall somewhere around $1300/month. Add a bedroom (or a few hundred square feet) and it’s sure to go up from there.

Fountain Valley /Newland is sometimes not considered Huntington Beach proper, but you’re sure to find some 2BR/1BAs out here for under $1300/month. Single apartments and studios generally run around $700/month. (Don’t fret: it’s not the Palm, but those frilly trees are still on every corner.)

Reviews of Regency Palms Apartments tout the gorgeous grounds as part of the reason they decided to call this Huntington Beach apartment complex home. It’s easy to love where you live, when where you live is surrounded by spacious parks.

Wait for it… wait for it… OK paddle paddle paddle. Rockin’ party wave, brah. Where will it take you? 1BR? 2? Beachside or 405-bound? Just send us a postcard—that’s all we ask. Make sure you shake the sand off before you send it though, that stuff is hard to get out of the carpet!

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