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All car price list

Maruti Suzuki (Nexa) Cars in India

Maruti Suzuki cars price starts at Rs. 2.68 lakhs for the cheapest car Alto 800 and goes up to Rs. 11.45 lakhs for the top model Maruti Suzuki S-Cross.

Maruti Suzuki cars occupy the prime position as one of the favourite cars of Indian citizens. The fact that Maruti Suzuki service stations are available across the length and breadth of the country is one of the prime reasons for its popularity. Maruti Suzuki offers a range of hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and vans. Starting with the Maruti 800, India’s first small passenger car to the Maruti Swift Dzire, one of the most-affordable sedan models, you have a wide range of cars to choose from. Maruti Suzuki all cars are renowned for their maintenance-free performance, thereby making it one of the most popular vehicles on the Indian roads.

Here is the list of the various Maruti new cars available in India as on date along with the Maruti Suzuki price range

Maruti Suzuki Cars Price List in India

Upcoming Maruti Suzuki Cars

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About Maruti Suzuki Cars

Maruti Suzuki India Limited is the leading car manufacturer in India. Its earlier name was Maruti Udyog Limited. This company is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation, the Japanese car and bike manufacturing giant. Having its headquarters in New Delhi, Maruti Suzuki India Limited manufactures popular passenger cars, such as Alto, Baleno, Swift Dzire, S-Cross, Ertiga, Ciaz, WagonR and so on.

Maruti started production of cars in 1983 with the Maruti 800 being the first model. This model revolutionised the Indian automobile industry as an affordable, small and compact family car. It was sort of a status symbol at that time to own a Maruti 800.

Maruti Suzuki has the distinction of introducing India’s first contemporary sedan in the form of Maruti 1000 in the year 1989. The first half of the last decade of the 20th century saw the launch of various car models like the Zen and the Esteem. In the year 1998, the company brought out a new version of the Maruti 800. Until 2004, the Maruti 800 was India’s best-selling car for nearly two decades. The Maruti Alto gained this distinction in 2004. The year 2005 saw the launch of Maruti Suzuki Swift, a five-door hatchback. In February 2012, Maruti Suzuki achieved the distinction of selling 10 million vehicles in India. Within 3 years, the 15 millionth vehicle rolled out in the form of a Swift Dzire in May 2015.

Subsequently, they phased out the Maruti 800 from 2013 with the introduction of the Maruti Alto. The Maruti Alto series is a refined version of the Maruti 800.

Market Presence

Today, Maruti Suzuki India can proudly claim to be the largest automobile manufacturer and seller in India. As on July 2018, the company had a market share of 53%.

Maruti Suzuki Limited has three manufacturing units, one each in Gurgaon, Manesar and Mehsana. All the three manufacturing plants together can produce 17 lakh vehicles annually. The Gurgaon plant manufactures models like Alto 800, WagonR, Ertiga, S-Cross, Vitara Brezza, Ignis and Eeco. The Manesar plant produces other models like Alto K10, Swift, Ciaz, Baleno, Baleno and Celerio. The Mehsana plant in Gujarat is a new one launched in 2017. This plant is capable of producing 250,000 vehicles annually.

Today, Maruti Suzuki has about 19 active models in the market. This company has discontinued several of its existing models over the years because of improvements in design and so on. Some of the famous models discontinued by the company include the Maruti 800, Maruti 1000, Esteem, Zen, Versa, Zen Estilo and Ritz, among others.

At present, Maruti Suzuki has 1820 sales outlets across India. It plans to improve the figure to around 4000 by 2020. The brand has the distinction of being the first car company to launch a Call Centre for providing internal and customer services. The year 2001 saw the launching of Maruti True Value, a platform for selling and buying used cars.

In 2015, the company launched a unique dealership programme, Maruti Suzuki NEXA, for marketing premium Maruti Suzuki new cars such as Baleno, Baleno RS, S-Cross, Ciaz and Ignis. Maruti Suzuki has launched various other initiatives, like Maruti Insurance, Maruti Finance, N2N Fleet Management, Maruti Accessories and Maruti Driving School. All these initiatives play a tremendous role in ensuring that the brand remains at the top in the automobile sector in India. Since the inception of the brand in the country, Maruti Suzuki car price, maintenance, efficiency, and reliability has seen tremendous improvements and hence, it is the favourite among all kind of car buyers.

Maruti Suzuki Car Photos

At present, there are 19 Maruti Suzuki models on the Indian roads. The Maruti vehicles are renowned for their exemplary looks. You have some attractive models like the Ciaz and the Dzire that look incredibly appealing to the eyes. Even the basic models like the Alto 800 and the Omni Van look attractive, even though they are one of the cheapest cars in India. The advantage that these cars have over the other brands is that these vehicles require less maintenance as compared to their peers.





What is Maruti Suzuki Nexa?

Nexa is a subsidiary of Maruti Suzuki, which is meant to serve people searching for luxurious cars. Nexa showrooms are different from Maruti Suzuki Arena in terms of overall feel and architecture and have a different range of cars. Maruti Suzuki Nexa or Maruti Nexa primarily sells cars including Ignis, Baleno, Baleno RS, S-cross and Ciaz. Like any other brand, people have started abbreviating them with Nexa suffix instead of Maruti Suzuki, like Nexa Ignis, Nexa Baleno, Nexa S Cross, etc. The strategy of introducing Nexa experience has given Maruti Suzuki some really fruitful results, which eventually have helped them generate better revenue.

The first car introduced as a Nexa car was S-Cross. This car came after the disposal of Maruti Suzuki SX4 sedan and is called as SX4 S-Cross internationally. With time, Maruti started introducing Nexa new cars with the lineup mentioned above. Being a subsidiary of Maruti Suzuki, they share the same service facilities with Nexa cars and people need not worry about the availability of spare parts. They also have roadside assistance and claims a Nexa service centre within 30 km from your spot on any busy highway. One can call on Nexa customer care number 1800-102-6392 and 1800-200-6392 to reach out for any help.

Nexa car price has always been surprising users as they look expensive but aren’t. The Nexa Ignis price lies between Rs. 4 and 7 lakh. On the other hand, Nexa Baleno price ranges from Rs. 5 to 9 lakh. The S-Cross is priced between Rs. 8 to 12 lakh while the Nexa Ciaz price hovers in the bracket of Rs. 8 to 11 lakh.

Maruti Suzuki – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best car from Maruti Suzuki?

All Maruti cars are fuel efficient. However, the most popular models available today are the Alto K10 and the Swift.

Q2. Is Maruti Suzuki an Indian company?

Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan. Suzuki has a 52% shareholding in this company.

Q3. Has Maruti Suzuki stopped the production of the Maruti 800?

Yes, Maruti Suzuki stopped the production of the Maruti 800 in 2013.

Q4. What is Maruti Suzuki Nexa?

Maruti Suzuki Nexa is a sales channel for marketing the premium cars like S-Cross, Baleno, Ciaz and Ignis. Nexa was launched in 2015 by Maruti Suzuki to create an exclusive sales channel for its premium cars.

Q5. Is there an 800 cc vehicle from Maruti Suzuki today?

Yes, you have the Alto 800 and Alto 800 Tour as two 800 cc models from Maruti Suzuki.

Q6. Do Maruti Suzuki cars run on CNG?

Yes, some of the Maruti Suzuki cars run on CNG such as Alto 800 and Celerio run on CNG and petrol. Many Maruti Suzuki car models run on diesel as well.

Q7. What makes the Maruti Suzuki models the favourite of all Indians?

Maruti Suzuki cars are one of the most fuel-efficient cars available in India. They also require the least maintenance. You also have more than 2000 Maruti service stations situated across the length and the breadth of the country.

Q8. Which engines do the Maruti cars use?

Maruti Suzuki cars such as Alto K10, Celerio, WagonR and Swift use the K-series petrol engines. Maruti Suzuki manufactures these engines indigenously.

Q9. What is the difference between a hatchback and a sedan?

The sedan has a rear extension of the car body as compared to the hatchback. The sedan has an independent storage compartment for storing luggage whereas you keep your luggage in the space behind the rear seats in a hatchback. The sedan is a vehicle with a three-box configuration.

Q10. Is there any model from Maruti that is a Crossover?

The S-Cross model is available as a Crossover.

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