Sep 8 2017

Affordable Housing – Arlington County #luxury #apartments

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Affordable Housing

Great jobs, great schools and an unbeatable location make Arlington a desirable community. However, this high demand puts increasing pressure on families, the elderly, persons with disabilities and others with limited financial resources to keep pace with increasing housing costs. The County’s commitment to Affordable Housing helps to address this challenge.

We support affordable housing by:

  • Providing financing and zoning incentives for developers
  • Working with local non-profits that finance and develop affordable housing
  • Providing rental assistance to low-income families

What is Affordable?

Learn more about affordable housing in Arlington and how the County works to support and maintain adequate housing options across all levels of the economic spectrum.

Affordable Housing Master Plan

The Affordable Housing Master Plan (AHMP) defines the County’s affordable housing policy and enables Arlington to respond to the current and future needs of residents of all levels of income in the County. The plan includes the context for affordable housing in Arlington, an analysis of current and future housing needs, and the affordable housing policy.

Goals and Targets

There are County-wide and area-specific goals and targets for affordable housing. This is the first step toward addressing the affordable housing needs in our community.

Affordable Housing Investment Fund

The County’s main financing program for affordable housing development has helped to create the majority of Arlington’s more than 6,500 affordable rental units that benefit low-income households. The Affordable Housing Investment Fund (AHIF) provides low-interest loans to affordable housing developers.

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