Aug 22 2017

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T he Beaver County Rehabilitation Center is a private nonprofit agency that holds the belief that the future is one of promise for people with disabilities in Beaver County. In that spirit, BCRC has successfully initiated numerous programs that contribute to that spirit of optimism. BCRC offers an extensive array of services to persons with vocational disabilities and disadvantages in Beaver County. BCRC initially served persons with mental retardation at its 1962 inception. Today, however, this dynamic agency serves more than 300 people with a wide range of disabilities.

BCRC provides specialized programming to persons with mental retardation, mental illness, autism, and persons who are deaf, blind, and individuals who are both deaf and blind. In addition to vocational training, real- world production activities and job placement, BCRC provides School-to-Work Transition services, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Situational Assessment and Welfare-to-Work Services.

BCRC�s Supported Employment Program boasts highly skilled staff that have completed training through the University of Virginia and have been certified in the state-of�the-art process of �Customized Employment.�

BCRC�s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, Aurora Rehabilitation has been recognized as a model program in psychosocial rehabilitation.

BCRC�s School-to-Work Transition Program boasts more than 70 students, numerous job placements and many innovative programs.

BCRC�s Gifts Delivered Featuring Candy Bouquet franchise has been recognized as �Franchise of the Year� by Candy Bouquet International.

BCRC also boasts one of the most successful job placement records of any Welfare-to- Work programs in Pennsylvania.

BCRC is guided by a vision to fulfill it�s mission statement- �It is the mission of the Beaver County Rehabilitation Center, Inc. to provide the opportunity for vocational growth and independence while respecting the dignity and uniqueness of each individual.�

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