Mar 28 2018

5 most expensive apartments for rent in Dubai in 2017, apartments for rent in dubai.#Apartments #for #rent #in #dubai

5 most expensive apartments for rent in Dubai in 2017

Would you ever consider paying this much as annual rent in any country?

Apartments for rent in dubai

Apartments for rent in dubai

Many of us in Dubai are here for employment or short-term business, and while most people try to save their money here to return home for luxurious retirement, some live a king-size life in Dubai. We scoured the property website, LuxHabitat, to find the asking prices for ultimate luxury rentals in Dubai. All amounts mentioned are annual rent figures.

Would you ever consider paying this much as annual rent in any country? How much is too much? Let us know @GNGuides on Facebook and Instagram or @GN_Guides on Twitter.

5. Le Reve, Dubai Marina

Pay up: Dh900,000 (US$245,040) for 6,100 sq. ft.

Live ‘the dream’ with Le Reve and you could wake up to views of the Palm Jumeirah, the Atlantis Hotel and Dubai Marina. While the apartment has four bedrooms featuring ensuite bathrooms, the balcony alone could be the sweet spot in case you decide to live here. The home also features walk-in closets, smart-home technology, wooden floors and marble countertops seal the deal.

4. Volante, Business Bay

Pay up: Dh1,000,000 (US$272,264) for 5,035 sq. ft.

A million notes seem like a lot considering that this is smaller than the previous one? We thought so too, especially since it is just a two-bedroom, half-floor penthouse; but that was before we considered the terrace. Comfortably large enough to seat a party of ten for dining, the terrace along with the amenities in the building set this sweet house apart. The view at night promises to be stunning, overlooking the Dubai Canal, the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai.

3. Emirates Crown, Dubai Marina

Pay up: Dh1,000,000 (US$272,264) for 7,600 sq. ft.

What are you paying a million drops of your blood for? We think it is for the impressive Dubai skyline that you can enjoy while bathing in one of the ensuite bathrooms. This furnished property is claimed to be built in a very New York style, and the floor-to-ceiling windows give you uninterrupted views of the beach. The light-coloured wood panelling takes advantage of the fact that the apartment is built to let maximum natural light in, making the space open and minimalist, while keeping it stylish.

2. Volante, Business Bay

Pay up: Dh1,200,000 (US$326,717) for 5,035 sq. ft.

With a similar build, as the previous one million dirham property in the same building, this slightly more expensive half-floor penthouse has three bedrooms (each with ensuite bathrooms) and luxurious Italian travertine marble floors. The terrace offers views of the Dubai Canal and Burj Khalifa with smart technology for everything from the air-conditioning to the curtains.

1. Volante, Business Bay

Pay up: Dh2,600,000 (US$707,887) for 10,788 sq. ft.

Volante seems to be outdoing itself with all these penthouses. It has the most expensive penthouse of the lot, priced well over two million dirhams. You could buy a decent apartment, or even a villa in some nice areas with this annual rent.

Taking up a whole floor, this penthouse has five bedrooms with uninhibited views of the city. You would also get a parking space for four cars, along with a reception, concierge and valet service.

Disclaimer: These are properties with listed prices on LuxHabitat and are accurate and active as of the published date. Gulf News is not responsible for any errors, losses or enquiries resulting from any change or update of these listings.

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