Apr 20 2017

5 Best Apartment Sofas Under $500 – My First Apartment #apartment #for #rent #in #miami

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5 Best Apartment Sofas Under $500

Let s be honest: furniture shopping — and the big budget it often requires — only gets a special kind of person excited. I m one of those rare breeds — few things get me more pumped than shopping. Digging to the depths of the internet. Walking through stores until your feet hurt and your gas tank is empty. Facing the reality that your measly funds won t go far. Shopping for your first apartment can be kind of a downer sometimes. Well, chin up, friends who loathe to shop I m here to save the day!

This post is the first installment of a series of blogs where I ll hunt down the best apartment necessities for the best bargain. So, sit back, kick up your feet, and furnish your new place from the comforts of your couch (eeeerrr floor?). Today, I m covering couches, but stay tuned: I ll be tackling dining sets, accent chairs, lamps, mattresses, and beds over the next few weeks.

Alright, let s jump in. Keep scrolling for the 5 best apartment sofas for under $500.

Where you have someone crash for the night or you want a sofa/bed combo to save space/cash, this one is a winner!

Nice standard couch for a killer price.

Stylish, but functional this vintage-inspired couch from Walmart easily converts into a futon-style sleeper. Other colors available.

This convertible sleeper sofa from Kmart has extra storage where you can hide your bedding during the day!

This baby is perfect for the new apartment dweller with expensive taste and a small budget.

Whether you opt for one of the sofas above or decide to try your luck elsewhere, keep in mind that a low price doesn t always equal a good deal. In addition to the price tag, make sure to read reviews about the product and think of the purchase as a longer-term investment. In the end, you want something that s sturdy, will last at least a few years, and is multi-functional. As we apartment-dwellers well know—the more roles one piece of furniture can play, the better.

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