Sep 18 2016

20 Best Apartments in Manassas Park, VA (with pictures)!

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Manassas Park has a marked place in American History and is home to two historic sites: The Louisiana Brigade Winter Camp and Conner House.

If you love American History and living within 30 miles of the nation’s capital, then finding apartments for rent in Manassas Park could be your valentine. When you’re looking for apartments to rent, Manassas Park has a bevy of options. This suburban city in the greater Washington, DC area pretty much has it all.

Where to Live

Where to Live

There are quite a few subdivisions in Manassas Park and each neighborhood has something unique to offer. The following are just a few highlights from a city with fantastic places to live.

Blooms Crossing: Blooms Crossing is a popular option for commuters. Full of townhouses and single-family houses, Blooms Crossing is very close to a train station and major county roads and interstates.

Belmont Station: With West Carondelet Drive as its main thoroughfare, Belmont Station is an attractive choice for townhomes and apartment rentals. Tree-lined streets and nearby schools help keep this residential community at the top of many people’s wish lists.

Haverhill: Haverhill has the distinction of being the first apartment community built in Manassas Park. Whether you’re looking for 1 bedroom apartments, or need a 2 bedroom apartment for rent for more space, you can find it in Haverhill.

Mosby Ridge: This Manassas Park neighborhood has diverse housing options. You can find apartments for rent, or go bigger and find a townhome or single-family house.

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