Sep 18 2016

20 Best Apartments For Rent in Alpharetta, GA from $540!

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Affluent Alpharetta/Your Apartment Arsenal (and aliteration archive)

Affluent Alpharetta/Your Apartment Arsenal (and aliteration archive)

Alpharetta is one the wealthiest 15 percent of communities in America, with the average yearly household income exceeding 90 grand. Unsurprisingly, real estate is among this country’s priciest and the city’s cost of living index is on the steep side as well (nearly 18 percent above the national average). Luckily, we come bearing good news.Rental properties in Alpharetta are extremely reasonably priced, as 1BR units can be found in abundance in the $800-$900 range and spacious 2 and 3BR family units are often available for less than $1300 (although some of the most lavish units typically go for closer to two grand).

Top-notch amenities are standard fare at Alpharetta apartments, many of which include perks like modern kitchens, fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, patios, and included washers/dryers in units. In Alpharetta you won’t have to worry about moving into an old clunker: the overwhelming majority of residences in the city sprouted in the past couple decades (as late as the mid-80s, Alpharetta was a sparsely-populated agri-town), while nearly half of all residential units were built post-1995. In other words, the infrastructural issues that plague many aging dwellings in other cities are non-issues in Alpharetta.

One thing you’ll notice about apartments in Alpharetta is the unusually high number of 3 and 4BR units, while studios are more difficult to come by; bulk of renters in the city are married couples and families with children (who account for roughly 60 percent of the adult population) rather than singles. But don’t despair, lone wolf lesee,whether you’re targeting an apartment in Mountain Park, the Webb and Fields Crossroads neighborhoods, or downtown, you’ll find a modest number of 1BR pads as well.

Rent specials do pop up frequently (most apartment complexes have vacancies year-round), so be on the lookout for dynamite move-in deals (i.e. no security deposit, first month is free, etc). Many landlords even agree to knock a few hundred bucks off at least one month’s rent if you refer a new tenant.

Still, you’ll need to provide proof of income and show that you have a respectable enough renting/credit history to score your dream pad at most Alpharetta apartment complexes (landlords aren’t so desperate for new tenants that they’ll accept even deadbeat renters who have skeletons in their leasing history). If you fall into this category, you’ll need a generous (dare we say naïve?) co-signer to seal the deal.

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