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North Mammon

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It is revealed that J.J. grew up in a small town and hated the pressure put on everyone to play sports. Though she was on the soccer team, she says it was the only way to get a scholarship to go to college and get away from there. J.J. went to college in Pittsburgh on a soccer scholarship. See more


When Gideon asks Brooke chambers who her kidnapper was, she says she never saw him. However, he is the one who releases the Brooke and Polly from the storm cellar. See more


Sgt. Tom Sikes. Hope we haven’t brought you folks out here for nothing
Dr. Spencer Reid. You don’t believe your girls are missing?
Sgt. Tom Sikes. Ah, that’s not the kind of things that happen around here, you know?
Jason Gideon. You would be surprised how many times we hear that.
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Criminal Minds (TV Show Intro / Main Song Theme)
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Despite the disappointing role of the BAU, North Mammon is still one of the highlights of Season 2

Having been a long-time big fan of Criminal Minds , generally Season 2 has been even better than a still quite promising first season. North Mammon is a perfect example of why.

While most of the reception towards North Mammon has been positive, some citing it as one of the highlights of Season 2 and one of the scariest and most psychologically scarring of the entire show, there has also been disappointment directed towards it due to how the case is handled by the BAU.

This reviewer can totally see both sides. It is agreed that the BAU s role is limited and not particularly helpful, and this is a rare example of them not seeming all that desperate. For examples they do figure out the true identity of the unsub too late, even for episodes that take time to tell their stories while giving us a lot of information, in a rare case of him getting away with his crimes, and a much better job could have been done with the background checks with one check glossed over and another a case of jumping to conclusions too quickly.

However, there is so much in North Mammon that is so outstandingly well done that this reviewer while still not overlooking and not able to ignore it still considers it one of the highlights of Season 2. One outstanding standout is the atmosphere, the claustrophobic setting and the unsub s absolutely chilling mind-games made for one of the scariest and most psychologically scarring of the entire show.

Another standout is some of the show s most shocking twists, with the outcome of the ordeal suffered by the captives genuinely frightening and devastating, never expected it to happen that way. And the identity of the unsub had me floored, the only other Season 2 episode to do that to me was Boogeyman (while Tobias Hankel was the season s most interesting and most developed unsub, the viewer figures out the truth about it long before the BAU does), and no matter how extreme it was one can buy his motivation.

The disappointing role the BAU plays aside, North Mammon is still incredibly well-written, love the chemistry in the BAU which has always sparkled even in lesser episodes (apart from the ones that don t feel like Criminal Minds , i.e. 200 ) and the psychological mind games are chilling. The biggest impact however was made by the unsub s lack of remorse and justification of his actions where he shifts the blame on the victims. The viewer actually absolutely shares Gideon s anger and disgust later on as he says it, it was appalling at how anybody could be so cold, un-remorseful and attempt to justify such terrible crimes.

As always, North Mammon is an incredibly well-made episode, stylish and slick without being too glossy or never amateurish and adopts a dark look that suits the atmosphere superbly. The music is some of the most haunting and melancholic, as well as some of the most fitting and mood-enhancing, in the entire show, particularly at the beginning. The story is incredibly absorbing, and is both terrifying and heart-rending, and it s beautifully paced and solidly directed throughout. The acting is very good from all involved, loved the focus on JJ who finally becomes an interesting character here (always liked her in the earlier seasons but here she really shines) and Mandy Patinkin s range of emotions often mirrors our own, especially in the aforementioned scene.

Do have to disagree that the girls overact, their acting is very realistic regarding their horrifying situation and their actions were inevitable and not what they wanted to do. Their bond seemed more sisterly rather than best friends, which made the outcome and situation more shocking, and they did seem genuinely scarred and upset by the outcome. If one wants an example of victims that both overact and commit unrealistic actions that frustrate the viewer, Season 8 s Through the Looking Glass fits that description perfectly, am still reeling at the actions of the mother in that episode.

Overall, while one can totally see both sides this reviewer is one of those who loved North Mammon and considers it one of Season 2 s highlights. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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